Chauvin-Arnoux | PEL102

Power and Energy Logger

Reference : CARPEL102
Serie : PEL100
Purchase Order Reference : P0115715x
Brand : Chauvin-Arnoux
Ergonomiques, adaptés à tous types d'armoires, les enregistreurs PEL assurent toutes les mesures de puissance et d'énergie en simultanée. 

Installations monophasées, diphasées et triphasées.
Mise en place sans interruption de l'alimentation secteur.
Analyse d'harmoniques.
Communication BlueTooth, Ethernet, USB.
Reconnaissance automatique des capteurs connectés.
Enregistrement sur carte SD.
Communication temps réel avec un PC et analyse via le logiciel
PEL Transfer. 

Pinces de courant en option.
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
For economical. sustainable buildings.
improve your energy efficiency

In the context of a worldwide initiative to protect the environment. Europe has set itself the target of reducing energy consumption by 20%. Today. industry and the building sector account for more than 50 % of energy consumption. It is therefore crucial to optimize energy consumption if we are to fulfil the regulatory requirements.

The PEL 102 and PEL 103 loggers are power and energy measurement loggers for all electrical installations. The measurements are performed with 3 current sensors and voltage inputs.

They can be used to view all the electrical parameters and to take advantage of the measurement. energy metering and communication functions.
It offers users all the necessary measurements for successful energy efficiency projects and monitoring of your electricity distribution system.

The PEL100 family of energy meters makes it simple to add metering and measurement points in electrical cabinets where most of the space is already  occupied. Because they are magnetic. they can be set up very easily in any cabinet and do not cause any obstruction once the cabinet door is closed.


• RMS frequency. voltage and current
• VA. W and var power values
• VAh. Wh (source. load) and varh (4 quadrants) energy values. total energy
• cos φ. tan φ and power factor (PF)
• Crest factor
• THD calculated for currents and voltages
• Harmonics up to the 50th order for currents and voltages
• DC. 50 Hz. 60 Hz and 400 Hz measurements
• Display on LCD screen
• Recording of measurements and calculation results on SD card
• Automatic recognition of the sensor type connected
• Large number of network types: split-phase. three-phase with or without neutral. etc.
• USB and Bluetooth communication
• Software for data transfer. real-time communication with a PC and report generation

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
638-PC connexion Wired/Physical
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet | Bluetooth
624-Current inputs 3
84-Nature of the network Single-phase | Three-phase
85-Power/energy type Active power (W) | Reactive power (VAR) | Apparent power (VA) | Active energy (Wh) | Reactive energy (VARh) | Apparent energy (VAh)
87-AC/DC Max voltage (V) 1000 V AC/DC
88-AC/DC Max current (A) 10 000 A (depending ofthe probe)
627-Memory capacity 2GB
628-Minimum recording interval 1min
637-Supply type main supply
36-Additional Characteristics
  • Fonctions :
  • . Frequence, tension et courant RMS
  • . Puissances VA, W, var
  • . Energies VAh, Wh (source,charge) et varh, energie totale (4 quadrants)
  • . cos ., tan . et facteur de puissance PF)
  • . Facteur de crete
  • . Calcul du THD pour les courants et tensions
  • . Harmoniques jusqu'au rang 50 pour les courants et tensions
  • . AC ou DC
  • . Affichage sur ecran LCD
  • . Enregistrement des mesures et resultats de calcul sur la carte SD
  • . Reconnaissance automatique du type de capteurs connectes
  • . Nombreux types de reseaux : diphase, triphase avec ou sans neutrec
  • . Logiciel de transfert des donnees, et communication temps reel avec un PC et l'edition de rapport
132-Package includes Un PEL 102; 4 cordons de mesure (banane droit / banane droit – 3 m long – noir); 4 pinces crocodiles (noir); 1 carte SD 2 Go; 1 jeu de pions (pour extrémités des cordons et capteurs de courant); 1 câble secteur; 1 câble USB (Type A / Type B); 1 système de fixation Multifix; 1 notice de fonctionnement (sur CD); 1 sacoche de transport; 1 fiche de sécurité; 1 logiciel PC (PEL Transfer); 1 guide démarrage rapide; 1 adaptateur SD MN (selon modèle)
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 256x125x37 mm
13-Net Weight 950g
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