Flir | TG165

Imaging IR Thermometer, double laser beam, -25 to +380°C, +-1.5%, 24:1, 80x60, 50°Vx38.6°H

Reference : FLITG165
Serie : TG1xx, TG16x, IGM, T&M
Purchase Order Reference : TG165
Brand : Flir
Thermomètre infrarouge avec image thermographique.
Comble le fossé entre les thermomètres IR et les caméras infrarouges.
Type de détecteur: Capteur infrarouge 1 point (point central) pour la mesure, microbolomètre non refroidis à plan focal pour l'image thermique. 

Plage de mesure: -25°C à +380°C.
Précision: +-1.5% ou +-1.5°C
Champ de visée: 24:1.
Emissivité: réglable de 0.1 à 0.99 + 4 pré-réglages.
Bande spectrale: 8-14 um.
Visée: Laser 2 points.
Distance min.: 26 cm. 

Image thermique:
Résolution: 80x60, 4800 pixels.
Champ de vision: 38.6°Hx50°V.
Sensibilité thermique: <150mK (0.15°C).
Distance de focale min.: 10 cm.
2 palettes de couleur: Acier et niveaux de gris. 

Ecran 2" TFT LCD 176x220 pixels.
Résiste aux chutes jusqu'à 2m.
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Quick quote for this product



Thermal imaging IR thermometer


FLIR’s new TG165 imaging infrared (IR) thermometer bridges the gap between single-spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s thermal cameras.

Equipped with FLIR’s exclusive Lepton micro thermal camera. the FLIR TG165 shows you where potential problems are brewing and where to aim your spot.

The FLIR TG165 lets you see heat patterns. reliably measure temperature. and store images and data. Its menu uses intuitive icons. making it simple to operate. The FLIR TG165 also makes documentation easy by saving images you can download from the micro-SD card or over a USB connection and use for reports.
With a spot ratio of 24:1. dual laser pointers. and a wide temperature range from 13–716°F (–25 to +380°C). the FLIR TG165 helps you to capture reliable readings from safer distances.

  • See the heat and speed up troubleshooting.
  • Know where to measure temperature.
  • Grab and go simplicity—no special training required.
  • Pocket portable to fit a crowded tool bag.
  • Rugged and reliable.



  IR temperature measurement       
  Basic accuracy    ±1.5% or 1.5°C  
  Basic range    –25 to 380°C (14–716°F)  
  Detailed ranges and accuracy    –25 to –10°C ± 3°C (–13 to 14°F ± 5°F)
  –10 to 0°C ± 2.0°C (14–32°F ± 4°F)
  0–380°C ±1.5°C or 1.5%. whichever is greater (32–716°F ± 3% or 3°F. whichever is greater)  
  Emissivity    4 pre-set levels with custom adjustment of 0.1–0.99  
  Distance to spot ratio (D:S)    24:1  
  Measurement resolution    0.1°C/°F  
  Response time    150 ms  
  Spectral response    8–14 μm  
  Lasers    Dual diverging lasers indicate the temperature measurement area. activated by pulling the trigger  
  IR thermometer measurement acquisition    Continuous scanning  
  Minimum measurement distance    26 cm (10″)  
  Thermal imaging       
  Imaging detector    FLIR Lepton. microbolometer focal plane array  
  Shuttter    Integrated automatic shutter for auto flat field correction  
  Image resolution (H × W)    4800 pixels (80 × 60)  
  Spectral response    8–14 μm  
  Field of view (Vertical × Horizontal)    50° × 38.6°  
  Upper scene range    127°C. 260°F (400K)  
  Sensitivity    150mk
  Image update speed frequency    9 Hz  
  Thermal image palettes    2: hot-iron and gray-scale  
  Thermal image minimum focus distance    10 cm (4″)  
  Power system       
  Battery    3.7 V. 2600 mA h lithium ion battery. rechargeable via micro USB  
  Auto power off    Adjustable with disable  
  Battery charge life    30 days minimum  
  Battery life    5+ hours continuous scanning with lasers  
  Charging time    90% at 4 hours. 100% at 6 hours  
  Image storage       
  Memory type    Micro SD card accessible via top flap  
  Saved image format    Bitmap (BMP) image with temperature and emissivity  
  Image storage capacity    75 000 pictures with included 8 GB SD card  
  Memory expansion    32 GB SD card maximum  
  General information       
  Display type    2.0″ TFT LCD  
  Display resolution (W × H)    38 720 pixels (176 × 220)  
  Tripod mount    1/4″-20 on handle bottom  
  Warranty    2 years product. 10 years thermal imaging detector  
  Calibration    Multi-point by authorized FLIR service center  
  Certifications    CE. FDA  
  Environmental specifications       
  Drop test    Designed for 2 m (6.5ʹ)  
  Operating temperature    –10 to 45°C (14–113°F)  
  Storage temperature and  
  relative humidity (RH)  
  –22 to 131°F (–30 to 55°C)
  0–90% RH (32– 98.6°F (0–37°C)). 0–65% RH (98.6–113°F (37–45°C)). 0–45% RH (113–131°F (45–55°C))  
  Meter physical data       
  Weight:    11 oz. (312 g)  
  Unit size (H × W × D)    7.3″ × 2.2″ × 3.7″ (186 mm × 55 mm × 94 mm)  
  Material    PC-ABS. TPE  
  Color    Black. white. and silver  
  Shipping information       
  Packaging contents    TG165 imaging IR thermometer. 8 GB micro SD Card (installed in unit). quick-start guide (printed). translated user manual (on SD card. accessible via USB data and power micro USB cord). wrist strap lanyard. switching USB power supply with multiple plugs (US. UK. EU. AU. CN. KR (pending certification)). warranty registration notice FLIR T&M and camera card. quality management system card  
  Packaging dimensions (H × W × L)    34 cm × 15 cm × 12 cm (13.5″ × 6″ × 4.5″)  
  Packaging weight    0.85 kg (1.8 lb.)  

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR (+1 YEAR*)
184-guide-EN-38-glossary_of_terms_spectral_band 8-14 µm
750-IR imaging inside Yes
160-Temperature accuracy ±1.5% or 1.5°C (basic, up to +-3°C, depends of temperature range)
481-Emissivity correction Yes
301-emissivity 4 pre-set levels with custom adjustment of 0.1-0.99
189-Display frequency (Hz) 9 Hz
684-Picture example

110-Min measure range (°C) -25°C
111-Max measure range (°C) +380°C
728-Detector size 80x60 elements
729-Detector resolution 4800 pixels
614-Visible image No
615-Visualisation modes Infrared image only (.bmp no-radiometric)
113-Targetting range (x/1) 24/1
176-Horizontal field of view (FOV) 38.6°
116-Measuring unit (°C/°F) °C | °F
177-Vertical field of view (FOV) 50°
112-Resolution (°C) 0.1°C
185-Min focus distance (cm) 10 cm
188-Display TFT LCD 2", 176x220 pixels
36-Additional Characteristics Combine a single-spot IR thermometer with a thermal cameraDual diverging lasers beamLithium Ion Battery
132-Package includes TG165, 8GB microSD Card (installed in unit), quick-start guide (printed), translated user manual (on SD card), wrist strap lanyard, Lithium ion battery, switching USB power supply with multiple plugs, warranty registration notice FLIR T&M and camera card, quality management system card
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 186x55x94 mm
13-Net Weight 312 g
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