Humitest | Timb Plus

Woods moisture meter, 7-99%H2o, with wood temperature probe

Reference : HUMTimbPlus
Serie : Humitest®
Purchase Order Reference : Humitest® Timb Plus
Brand : Humitest
L'humidimètre spécifiquement conçu pour mesurer l'humidité du bois.
Huit échelles d'étalonnage.
Spécialement destiné à mesurer la teneur en eau du bois, de la scierie aux produits finis.
Version avec étui à fermeture éclair, sonde à pointes renforcées et sonde de température du bois (permet de corriger automatiquement la teneur en eau en fonction de la température du bois).
Expédié sous 1 semaine
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Humitest® Timb Plus


Reference wood moisture meter for checking wood quality. from the sawmill to the finished products

The Humitest Timb Plus is designed for measuring wood moisture. The temperature sensor of this moisture meter allows to measure the water content with automatic correction for wood temperature.

Eight groups of wood species. about two hundred species related to. wood moisture measurement is more precise if the physical properties of the wood speciethat is measured are taken into account.

Application fields :
Building : Transformation. timber. Wood panelling

 Just water content:
 Insert the pins of the Humitest Timb into a piece of wood to measure its moisture level: a readout appears in seconds on the LCD display of the moisture meter.
 Items supplied :
Zipper Pouch
Heavy duty two pin moisture probe
          Wood temperature probe
Wood calibration chart
Calcheck device

Heavy duty two pin moisture probe

Robust probe to measure moisture in areas difficult to reach

Connected to the moisture meters and thermo hygrometers. Humitest Mini. Timb. Survey and MMS. this robust probe prolongs the life of the pins at the end of the moisture tester and enables you to measure moisture in areas difficult to reach.

Wood temperature sensor

Inserted into the wood measured. this probe allows to measure wood moisture content automatically compensated by wood temperature.

Connected to the Humitest Timb moisture meter. this probe enables you to measure wood moisture content. automatically compensated by wood temperature.

Detailed features :

Key functions
Moisture between two electrodes measurementYes
Moisture at the centre of the materials measurementOptional
Temperature at the centre of the materials measurementOptional
LCD screenYes
Back lighting-
Beeper (can be deactivated)Yes
Measures in °C or °F-
Weight (g)150
Dimensions (L x l x H in mm)180 x 49 x 28
Battery(s)2 X 1.5V (AA)
Auto off (customizable)Yes
Protection during transportationPouch
Moisture meter mode
Resistivity (calibration)Wood: from 7 to 99 % H²O - 8 scales - Over 150 commonly used species - Automatic correction
Non-conductive materials: 7 to 99 % HBE
Values over 30 % are relative
Warranty and standards
Standards/certificationsCE marking
Warranty1 year


Hammer electrode

This hammer enables you to measure down to 35 mm deep. regardless of the surface moisture level.

Connected to the moisture meters and thermo hygrometers; Humitest Mini. Timb. Survey and MMS via a jack. this hammer fitted with insulated electrode pins enables you to measure up to 35 mm deep.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
330-Application Wood: Wood pannels, Transformation, Timber
682-Measurement method Contact (Invasive)
651-Material types Wood
158-Min. humidity range 7% H2o
131-Max. humidity range 99% H2o
161-Humidity accuracy nc
162-Humidity resolution nc
36-Additional Characteristics Wood calibration:8 scales.Over 150 commonly used species.Automatic correction.
132-Package includes Protective holster (fast sealing), batterie(s), probe with reinforced points, wood temperature probe, table of calibration of woods species, calibration test
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 180x49x28 mm
13-Net Weight 150 g
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