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Single & multimode optic fiber reflectometer, tablet inspired, iOLM curves

Ideal Networks
Reference : IDNOTDR-II
Purchase Order Reference : R230000
Brand : Ideal Networks
Design inspiré des tablettes 
Écran tactile haute résolution de 18 cm (7")
Dynamique de 36dB en monomode et 29dB en multimode
"iOLM": affiche clairement les évènements avec leurs seuils sous forme de diagrammes intuitifs
Statut "passe/échec" pour chaque évènement
Faible zones mortes d'atténuation (3,5m) et d'évènement (0,8m) pour une parfaite localisation et caractérisation de ceux-ci
Rapport édité en PDF directement par le testeur
Adaptateurs de connecteurs interchangeables avec une large variété de modèles
Transferts des résultats vers un PC via une clef USB ou un câble USB
Sonde d'inspection microscope optionnelle permettant d'examiner les connecteurs optiques et de sauvegarder les images pour les rapports
Module de photométrei en option
Logiciel PC FastReporter2 en option (appareil fourni en standard avec une version d'essai de 30 jours + le logiciel standard)
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product



  • Tablet-inspired design
  • 7-inch. outdoor-enhanced touchscreen
  • Dynamic range of up to 36 dB in SM and 29 dB in MM
  • iOLM: Turns complicated graphs into easy to read diagrams
  • Pass/fail status for each event


The OTDR II is the first tablet inspired OTDR that is handy. lightweight and rugged enough for any environment.

With a 7-inch outdoor enhanced touchscreen. the most efficient hand held display in the industry. it delivers an unprecedented user experience. Its intuitive user interface including onboard manual ensures a fast learning curve. Plus. its new and improved OTDR platform offers icon-based functions. instant boot-up. automatic macrobend finders as well as improved auto and real-time modes.


Key features:

  • iOLM (Intelligent Optical Link Mapper) - automatic configuration and multiple measurements on the same link provides the best possible measurements regardless of fibre configuration
  • Onboard PDF reporting
  • Macro bend detection
  • Short attenuation (3.5 m) and event (0.8 m) dead zones for accurate location and characterisation of events
  • Quad wavelength (850/1300/1310/1550) for both multimode and single-mode testing
  • Each fibre may be tested at two wavelengths in a single Autotest
  • Provides results in only a few seconds
  • Interchangeable fibre adapters with a wide variety of available configurations
  • Transfer test results to PC via USB flash drives or USB cable
  • Optional video inspection micro scope to check connectors for cleanliness or damage
  • Provides simple PASS/FAIL results and macro bend detection in single-mode fibres that helps users identify bends or kinks in the cable. saving time during installation and troubleshooting
  • Small size for one handed operation
  • Rubber over-mould for enhanced drop protection
  • 1 lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours operation
  • Rugged carrying case for field use


The handheld OTDR... reinvented.

The OTDR II is finally bringing the iOLM. an intelligent OTDR-based application. to the handheld market. This advanced software turns even the most complex trace analysis into a simple. one-touch task. The iOLM feature removes the need for analysis of complicated OTDR traces.

However. the traces are available on the reports and PC software if required. For traditional OTDR users an OTDR II trace option is available to view and analyse traces on the tester.

The amazing 12-hour battery life will never let a technician down. and the plug-and-play hardware options. like the power meter and the USB video probe. make every technician’s job easier. Unlike traditional OTDR’s. OTDR II does not require specific launch cords which makes testing more cost effective and user-friendly.


The entry-level solution designed for all your testing needs

The OTDR II/iOLM features a dynamic range of 36 dB in single-mode and 29 dB in multimode. as well as industry-leading dead zones. This ensures efficient testing of closely spaced events such as patchcords in data centres. or patch panels in central offices (COs). The OTDR II is optimised for point-to-point testing of any access network. and is suitable for testing through 1x32 splitters.


Get the best out of your data post-processing

The FastReporter2 basic software included as standard allows users to create typical results of single measurements. The optional full license FastReporter2 is the perfect complement to your OTDR II. and can be used to combine multiple test results of the OTDR II and fibre probe into detailed PDF documentation.
Designed for off-line analysis. FastReporter2 offers reliable data and report management in a user-friendly environment. A 30-day trial version of the full license FastReporter2 is included.

Alternatively you can use the onboard reporting tool to create comprehensive PDF documentation.


iOLM – removing the complexity from OTDR testing

In response to these challenges. IDEAL Networks are providing a better way to test fibre optics:

The intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM) turns complicated graphs into an easy to read diagram displaying all events along the link with pass/fail status for each event. The iOLM is an OTDR-based application designed to simplify OTDR testing by eliminating the need to configure parameters. and/or analyse and interpret multiple complex OTDR traces. Its advanced algorithms dynamically define the testing parameters. as well as the number of acquisitions that best fit the network under test. By correlating multipulse widths on multiple wavelengths. the iOLM locates and identifies faults with maximum resolution – all at the push of a single button.



  • Tier-2 certification of fibre optic networks that require specific testing to ISO/IEC and TIA international standards
  • Troubleshooting and fault finding of fibre optic links
  • Access network construction and troubleshooting
  • Central-office (CO) link certification
  • Data centre and enterprise networks
  • LAN/WAN characterisation


Kit Content

Includes: Quad OTDR with IOLM. ICERT (certification to international standards). SC adapters (multimode: SC/UPC. single-mode: SC/APC). visual fault locator. power supply. battery. carrying case

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
318-Pulse width (ns) 5 to 20000 ns
320-Dynamic range (dB) 36 dB (monomode); 29 dB (multimode).
321-Deadzone (m)
  • Evénement: 0.8m
  • Atténuation: 3.5m
319-Wavelengths (nm) 850 nm | 1300 nm | 1310 nm | 1550 nm
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet | Bluetooth | Wi-fi
322-Fiber type Singlemode | Multimode
25-Autonomy 12 hour
188-Display LCD TFT 7", 800x480 pixels, touch-screen, reinforced
36-Additional Characteristics iOLM curves
132-Package includes OTDR-II, SC adapters (SC-APC for single mode, SC-UPC for multimode), battery, AC charger/adapter, built-in visual fault locator (VFL), carrying semi-rigid case, standard software + 30-days trial version of FastReporter2 software, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 200x155x68 mm
13-Net Weight 1.29 kg
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