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SHDSL/SHDSL.bis meter, with ATM, IMA, EFM, emulation of modem/router STU-R & DLAM STU-C

Ideal Networks
Reference : IDNUniPROGbisPlus
Serie : UniPro, SHDSL
Purchase Order Reference : RPBCP000
Brand : Ideal Networks
Testeur SHDSL / SHDSL Bis (1, 2 et 4 paires).
Avec ATM, EFM et IMA.
Modèle avec émulation modem/routeur (STU-R) et émulation DSLAM (STU-C). 

Détection des défauts physiques.
Modem/Routeur & DSLAM.
Test de synchronisation sur ligne SHDSL et SHDSL.bis
Agrégation configurable en ATM, IMA ou EFM.
Vérification des accès jusqu'à 4 paires.
Statistiques SHDSL.
Comptage des erreurs CRC et LOSWS.
Résultats Bon/Mauvais selon critères paramétrables.
Extraction des résultats via USB.
Mémoire interne de 100 rapports de mesure.
Ecran couleur.
Livré avec housse, batterie, alimentation/chargeur, cordons.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


  • Physical tests of the copper pairs
  • G.SHDSL Synchronisation tests
  • Measurement of G.SHDSL performance
  • Comparison with acceptance targets
  • ATM / EFM Encapsulation /Bonding
  • Up to 4 pairs G.SHDSL /G.SHDSLbis


Hand held tester for 4 pair G.SHDSL / G.SHDSL.bis with ATM / EFM bonding

UniPRO Gbis is a revolutionary tool for testing all types of G.SHDSL service. It combines a state-of-the-art DSL engine with a range of useful copper layer fault checks into a compact. hand-held. battery-powered tester.

Designed with the field engineer in mind. UniPRO Gbis provides the ultimate in ease of use. pinpointing common network faults and checking service performance directly from switchon with minimal setup. It supports the latest G.SHDSL standard. G.SHDSL.bis. as well as legacy versions of the technology. which are widely deployed for the provision of multi-pair DSL access to business applications. Up to 4 copper pairs can be tested simultaneously and can be bonded together using ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) or EFM (Ethernet in First Mile) encapsulation to provide up to 22.784Mbps of symmetrical bandwidth.

UniPRO Gbis can be programmed with acceptance targets for the main G.SHDSL performance parameters. providing a simple Red/Green. Pass/Fail test. Results can be stored in the tester and simply uploaded to a USB memory stick for analysis and reporting in a PC environment.

With its optional CO (STU-C) emulation. UniPRO Gbis is equally useful in the Distribution Frame. at the street cabinet or in the customer’s premises.


  • Instant switch ON and test - Network faults can be found in seconds. saving valuable technician time.
  • Copper fault finding - Gross cable faults can be eliminated without the need for high levels of operator skill.
  • Simultaneous testing of up to 4 pairs - No need to test cables individually. Bonded aggregate performance of all pairs can easily be checked
  • Main results on one screen - All the important results are presented on the home screen. direct from switch-on. with no user intervention. Saves time and operator skill requirement.
  • Detailed results for each pair - One button press reveals the detailed performance of each pair.
  • Simple setup using multifunction softkeys - Very easy test and system setup. Negligible training needed.
  • Performance threshold target setting and comparison - Service level targets can be pre-set before deployment. maximising productivity of the user in the field.
  • Result memory and USB export. with timestamp and tester identification - One-button result saving allows the performance of multiple jobs to be uploaded for later analysis and reporting. Automatically records when the test was performed and on which tester.
  • Robust construction and long battery life - Always ready for work.
  • Highly visible user interface - Effective in all field situations.
  • Integral hanging/carrying strap - Can be hooked on to plant or in frames where working space is limited.


  • Turn-up service and troubleshooting
  • Verifies actual data rate available to customer
  • Provides troubleshooting measurements for each copper pair
  • Simulates central office (CO) and customer premises equipment (CPE)

UniPRO Gbis Plus

Kit Contents

UniPRO Gbis 4-pair SHDSL / G.SHDSLbis tester with CPE and CO emulation plus EFM / ATM / IMA bonding.

Includes PSU. carry bag. carry strap. quick reference card. full user guide on CD. RJ-45 DSL cable and RJ-45 to 8 x 4mm Plug/Clip DSL cable.

Product Number



Kit Contents

UniPRO Gbis 4-pair SHDSL / G.SHDSLbis tester with CPE and CO emulation plus EFM / ATM / IMA bonding and OAM/Ethernet continuity test.

Includes PSU. carry bag. carry strap. quick reference card. full user guide on CD. RJ-45 DSL cable and RJ-45 to 8 x 4mm Plug/Clip DSL cable.

Product Number


Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
277-Standards supported SHDSL
25-Autonomy 4 hour
36-Additional Characteristics SHDSL & SHDSL.bis tests on 1 to 4 pairs linesModem/router (STU-R) & DSLAM (STU-C) emulationATM, IMA, EFM
132-Package includes NiMH battery, power supply/charger, carrying softcase, DSL RJ45 straight cable, DSL RJ45 to 8 alligator grips cable, user manual on CD-ROM
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 180x280x50 mm
13-Net Weight 1.8 kg
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