Ideal Networks | VDV II Plus

Copper cable tester, RJ11-12, RJ45, Coax, hub-blink, length measurement, backlighted display

Ideal Networks
Reference : IDNVDVIIPlus
Serie : VDV II
Purchase Order Reference : 158002
Brand : Ideal Networks
Vérificateur de câbles réseaux voix, données et vidéo.
Pour câbles cuivres coaxiaux, RJ-11/12 & RJ-45 blindés ou non (vérifi également si le blindage est présent ou non).
Affiche le schémas de câblage, les mauvaises connexions, les courts-circuits, les circuits ouverts, les paires inversées.
Intègre un générateur de tonalité (sonde amplificatrice vendue séparemment: Ref 62-164).
Connexions protégées contre les surtensions.
Ecran 2.9" (plus grand que celui du VDV II) et rétro-éclairé.
Fonction clignotement LED sur les Hubs, switchs, baies, etc... (Hub-Blink)
Mesure la longueur de câble (méthode de calcul par capacitance: localise le défaut seulement sur un circuit ouvert)
Fournis avec sacoche de transport.
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
VDV II series
Voice. data. video cable verifier
More than just a wiremapper
What it is

The new VDV II Series are easy to use cable testers that check the integrity of copper cables commonly found in domestic. commercial or industrial voice. data or video installations. including telephone wiring. data network and video/security cabling.

Accurate – Advanced TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) measures cable length and provides distance to fault information
Fast – Identifies wiring errors instantly and displays the results all on one screen
Intelligent – Quickly determines which media service is running over cables. such as ISDN. PBX and PoE
Features & Benefits
Multimedia Support
RJ45. RJ11/RJ12 and coax ports for verification of low voltage copper cables
Cat 5. Cat 5e. Cat 6. Cat 6A. Cat 7. UTP and STP Testing
Support for all common LAN cables (TIA 568A/B wiring schemes)
Tone Generator
Ability to identify and trace cables with a compatible inductive tone probe (Ref. 62-164 can order separtly)
Storage and Protection of Remote Unit
Reduces the chance of losing or damaging the remote unit. Additional numbered remotes available
Voltage Protection
Cable testing disabled if >2V detected
TDR Length Testing and Troubleshooting (VDV II Pro only)
Pinpoints cable faults eliminating unnecessary guess work
Large Backlit Screen (VDV II Plus & Pro only)
Instantaneous. easy to read test results
Media Service Detection (VDV II Pro only)
Identifies analog (PBX) and digital (ISDN) telephone services
Ethernet Detection (VDV II Pro only)
Displays network rate and duplex information
PoE Detection (VDV II Pro only)
PoE service detection with voltage information
Models Comparison
Performs standard tests for copper cabling. including:
• Coax. 6Pin (RJ11/12). 8Pin (RJ45)
Connectors for Copper Cable Testing
• Wiremap for Miswires. Split Pairs. Shorts and Opens
• Analog Tone Generator
• Voltage Protection
• Shielded Cable Testing
• Single Screen Results
 All the features of the VDV II including:
• Larger 2.9"Display
• Backlight
• Hub Blink
• Cable Length
• Distance to Open
• Carry Case & Cables
 All the features of the VDV II Plus and...
• Distance to Open / Short (TDR)
• PoE Detection with Voltage Information
• Media Service Detection
• Ethernet Detection with Network Rate and Duplex Information
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
137-Controls type CC | CO | Separate pairs | Reversed pairs | Mapping
482-Measure of length Yes
141-Max measuring length (m) na
582-PoE test No
535-WiFi test No
136-Cable type Twisted pairs | RJ45 | RJ11 | Coaxial cable | Shielded cable | RJ12
142-Optical fiber test No
36-Additional Characteristics Tone generatorHub-BlinkLenght measurement (Capacitive method)Backlighted 2.9" display
132-Package includes 1 built-in remote, 1 RJ11 patchcord, 1 RJ45 patchcord, 1 softcase
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 160x76x36 mm
13-Net Weight 800 g
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