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Professionnal conductimeter, 0.01 µS/cm ... 1000 mS/cm, BPL - 2m field kit

Reference : MTTSG7FK2
Serie : SevenGo Pro
Purchase Order Reference : SG7-FK2
Brand : Mettler Toledo
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Conductimètre professionnel. 

Mesures de conductivité, salinité et TDS.
Calibrage par des solutions tampons certifiées ou introduction de la constante de cellule.
Compensation linéaire ou non linéaire de la température.
Mémoire de 200 points BPL.
Fonctions BPL didactiques de l'électrode et de l'échantillon.
Interface IR pour imprimante, RS232 ou USB pour PC.
Plage de mesure: 0.01 µS/cm ... 1000 mS/cm. 

Version Kit terrain 2m (FK2): Piles, poignée, mode d'emploi, certificat de contrôle, déclaration de conformité + électrode InLab® 738 (2 m), étui en caoutchouc et mallette.
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Quick quote for this product

SG7 – SevenGo pro™ Conductivity

Professional Conductimeter


 SevenGo pro™ conductivity– Advanced conductivity meter for particularly demanding tasks coupled with exceptional ease of use. SevenGo pro™ conductivity features a lot of additional operating functions. a large data memory for detailed GLP protocols. an infrared interface for data transfer to a printer or PC. bright backlighting. as well as a multitude of additional parameter-specific functions. SevenGo pro™ conductivity meter is truly indispensable for every analytical specialist. and in regulated working environments in the pharmaceutical. chemical. cosmetic and food manufacturing industries.

Features and Benefits

Professional conductivity meter (IP67)

  • Calibration also with user-definable standard or cell constant
  • Linear and non-linear temperature compensation
  • Measurement of purified water according to USP
  • Data memory for 200 GLP data points
  • Comprehensive GLP functions with sensor and sample identification

Short descriptionProfessional meter for conductivity. salinity. TDS and resistivity measurements
Conductivity range0.01 µS/cm ... 1000 mS/cm
Cond. resolution0.01 ... 1
Cond. accuracy± 0.5% max. value in subrange
Temperature range °C-5.0 ... 105.0
Temperature resolution °C0.1
Temperature accuracy °C±0.1 °C
TDS range0.01 mg/L ... 600 g/L
TDS resolution0.01 ... 1
TDS accuracy± 0.5% max. value in subrange
Salinity range0.00 ... 80.00 ppt
Resistivity range0.00 ... 100.00 MOhm•cm
Connection to computerIR interface to printer or PC (via RS232 or USB)
DisplayCustom LCD
Power supply4 AA batteries 1.5 V or NiMH accumulators 1.3 V
Operating environment0...40 °C; 5...85 % rel. humidity (non-cond)

Order information:

SG7-FK2  SevenGo pro™ cond field kit. incl. InLab® 738 (2 m). rubber holster and carry case
Product Details
447-Measurement type Conductivity | Salinity | TDS
  • Conductivité: 0.01 ... 1.
  • TDS: 0.01 ... 1.
  • Conducitivité: +-0.5%.
  • TDS: +-0.5%.
448-Measurement range
  • Conductivité: 0.01 µS/cm ... 1000 mS/cm.
  • TDS: 0.01 mg/L ... 600 g/L.
  • Salinité: 0.00 ... 80.00 ppt.
  • Température: -5.0 ... 105.0 °C.
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes Batteries, handle, user manual, control certificate, declaration of conformity, InLab® 738 (2 m) probe, rubber holster, carry case
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 220x90x45 mm
13-Net Weight 325 g
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