Newsteo | Tracker 31

Wireless logger, shocks 3 axis, Free-fall height, temperature, humidity, light

Reference : NTOtracker
Serie : Tracker
Purchase Order Reference : PFPN-TRK31-001
Brand : Newsteo
Le SEUL TRACKER au monde avec mesure de hauteur de chute libre.
Permet de mesurer et d'enregistrer 6 mois de transport.
Transmission des données sans-fil.
Température: -10 à +60°C; +-0.4°C à 25°C.
Humidité: 0 à 100%; +-3% (de 20 à 80% d'humidité).
Lumière: 0 à 220Lux; +-30 Lux.
Chocs (3 axes): - 6g à +6g; +-0,06g static, +-0,5g dynamic.
Hauteur de chute: 1 cm à 20 m; +-5 cm.
2 modes d'utilisation: Enregistrement avec restitution sans fil ou monitoring temps réel.
Fréquence des mesures: Configurable de toutes les secondes à toutes les 4 heures.
Mémoire: 32 768 mesures horodatées.
Portée de 40m en champ libre.
Produit de conception et fabrication Française.
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Newsteo Tracker

The ONLY TRACKER in the world with free fall height measurement !

The Newsteo Tracker measures and records up to 6 months of transport. It includes the recording of temperature. moisture. light and shocks (on 3 axis) as well as free fall height.

It is equipped with Microprocessor and Flash Memory on-board to process and record physical measures with date and time during 6 months.


Having configured and activated your Newsteo Tracker. fix it in your container. lorry. box before it goes on the road. Temperature. moisture. light and shocks will be supervised according to 2 possible modes of functioning:

• Direct mode: the Newsteo Tracker sends the data directly to a on-board computer in order to alert the carrier in case of problem.
• Record mode (function Data logger): the Newsteo Tracker records data in its memory during the transport and restores it to a computer at the arrival of the goods with.

The RF-to-USB key is the wireless link between the Newsteo Tracker and the computer of monitoring. The reception of the data is made thanks to this key by radio frequencies.

The RF-Monitor software is the interface which allows the data display and the restoration of the recorded data.



Reliability and traceability
• Easy to use
• Historic of the free-falls
• Wireless data transmission
• Wireless restoration of the recorded data
• Data transmission without opening the goods
• Guarantee the non opening of the goods
• Display of the dew point

Freedom of use
• High battery autonomy
• High storage capacity

Small product
• Miniature and easy to integrate
• No wire. no plugs
• Easily removable

Technical features

 Sensors range Accuracy
Temperature-40 to +124°C± 0.4°C at 25°C
Humidity0 to 100% ± 3% (from 20 to 80% humidity)
Luminosity0 to 220Lux± 30 Lux
Shocks (3 axis)- 6g to +6g± 0.06g static
± 0.5g dynamic
Free-fall height 1 cm to 20 m± 5 cm
Temperature range of use-20°C to +80°C
Measurement frequencyCan be set from every second to every 24 hours.
Possibility of adding thresholds which start automatically the recording.
Memory capacity32 768 mesures with date and time (flash memory technology). Corresponding to 1 statement of measures every 10 minutes during 6 months with 6 000 events (shock. free-fall)
Radio FrequenciesISM 868 MHz (Europe); 915 MHz (USA)
Size110 x 55 x 26 mm
Power Supply3 batteries LR 06 (AA)
Data historic filesData compatible with EXCEL or encrypted PDF files

Technical features can be modified

The signal can be received up to 40m in free space.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
489-Parameters logged Temperature | Humidity | Shocks (on 3 axis) | Free fall height | Luminosity
663-Memory Internal
490-Shocks range (g) - 6g to +6g
491-Free fall height range (m) 1 cm to 20 m
492-Measurement range of...
  • Température: -10 à +60°C.
  • Humidité: 0 à 100%.
  • Luminosité: 0 à 220Lux.
476-Accuracy Shocks (on 3 axis): +-0,06g static, +-0,5g dynamic.Free fall height: +-5 cm.Temperature: +-0.4°C at 25°C.Moisture: +-3% (from 20 to 80% humidity).Luminosity: +-30 Lux
130-Measurement/records interval 1s to 24h
108-Max measurements records 32768
36-Additional Characteristics Wireless data transmission.Free-fall height measurements
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 110x55x26 mm
13-Net Weight 160 g
653-Windows compatible Yes
654-iOS compatible No
655-Android compatible No
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