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Alimentation faible bruit 2 quadrants - 1 voie - 20V, 3-6A, 60W max. - test de batteries, consommation....

Rohde & Schwarz
Reference : R&SNGL201
Serie : NGL, NGL200, NGL-200, NGL 200
Purchase Order Reference : 3638.3376.02
Brand : Rohde & Schwarz
Alimentation faible bruit 2 quadrants (source et charge).
1 voie.
20V, 3-6A, 60W max.
Ondulation et bruit: <500µV RMS.
Multimètre 6 1/2 digits intégré.
Mode data-logging.
Interfaces USB et LAN en standard, WLAN (WiFi), GPIB en option.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Rohde & Schwarz HMP Power Supply Family

Up to four channels in a single instrument


The R&S®HMP power supplies are primarily designed for industrial use.
With two, three or four output channels and up to 10 A output current per channel, these rugged instruments are ideal for a wide variety of applications.
They offer high efficiency with low residual ripple and many protection functions.


More than meets your daily needs

  • All channels galvanically isolated and floating
  • All channels have the same voltage range
  • All channels have overload and short-circuit protection
  • Parallel and serial operation
  • Constant voltage and constant current modes
  • Tracking and link functions
  • Protection functions to safeguard instrument and DUT
  • Modern instrument concept: small, compact and quiet

Easy operation

  • Intuitive to use
  • Color coding of operating states
  • EasyArb function for all channels
  • Save and recall instrument settings

Ideal for labs and test systems

  • Tailored for use in labs and system racks
  • Sense function for more stringent accuracy requirements
  • Remote control of instrument functions

Key facts

  • R&S®HMP2020/R&S®HMP2030 with 2/3 channels and 188 W total output power
  • R&S®HMP4030/R&S®HMP4040 with 3/4 channels and 384 W total output power
  • Maximum output voltage of 32 V per channel; higher voltages possible in serial operation
  • High output currents up to 5 A/10 A (depending on the model); higher currents possible in parallel operation
  • Linear postregulation for low residual ripple
  • Electronic fuse (OCP), adjustable maximum voltage (OVP), overtemperature protection (OTP)
  • Dual USB/LAN interface as standard; RS-232/USB or GPIB (IEEE488) optiona
  • Rear panel connections, including sense lines, for all channels


Number of outputs234
Max current per outputOutput 1: 10 A
Output 2 : 5 A
5 A10 A
Max voltage per output0 V à 32 V
Max power per outputOutput 1: 160 W
Output 2 : 80 W
80 W160 W
Total max power188 W384 W
Product Details
622-Accuracy (V) 0.05%
755-Type - Size "Standard - benchtop"
623-Current accuracy 0.1%
23-Voltage resolution 1 mV
53-Current resolution (A) 0.1mA (1mA >1A)
68-Max. Power 188W
57-Max. output voltage 32V
58-Max. output current 10A
56-Channel counts Single
717-Programmable Yes
501-Programming interfaces USB | GPIB | LAN
621-Ripple & noise 1.5mVrms
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT II
256-USB Yes
502-Ethernet (LAN) Yes
172-GPIB In option
36-Additional Characteristics Alimentation 2 cadrans (source et charge)
132-Package includes User manual, line cord, CD, software
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 75x285x365 mm
13-Net Weight 8.5kg
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