Tektronix | MDO4104C

Mixed Domain Oscilloscope, 1GHz, 5GS/s, 20Mpoints, 4analog/16digital/1RF (up to 6GHz) channels

Reference : TEKMDO4104C
Serie : MDO4000C series, MDO, Mixt Domain Oscilloscope
Purchase Order Reference : MDO4104C
Brand : Tektronix
Oscilloscope à domaine mixte (temporel et fréquentiel).
4 voies analogiques:
-Bande passante : 1GHz.
-Profondeur mémoire: Jusqu'à 20Mpts.
-Fréquence d'échantillonnage: Jusqu'à 5GEch/s.
Vitesse d'acquisition: 340 000 wfm/s.
Décodage de bus séries: I²C, SPI, CAN, LIN, UART/RS232, Ethernet, etc..... (option)
Analyses avancées: Puissance, spectrogramme (avec option RF), limite/masque, etc...
+ 16 voies numériques (option).
+ 1 voie RF de 9kHz jusqu'à 3 ou 6 GHz (option).
+ Générateur de fonction jusqu'à 50 MHz + arbitraire (option).  

Fourni avec des sondes de tension passive 1GHz, 3.9pF (1 par voie). 
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

MDO4000C series

6–in–1 Versatility PLUS High Performance in One Powerful Oscilloscope







Analog channels4444
Bandwidth200 MHz350 MHz500 MHz1 GHz
Rise time1.75 ns1 ns700 ps350 ps
Sample rate (1 ch)2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s5 GS/s
Sample rate (2 ch)2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s5 GS/s
Sample rate (4 ch) (without RF option)2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s5 GS/s
Sample rate (4 ch) (with RF option)2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s2.5 GS/s
Record length (1 ch)20M20M20M20M
Record length (2 ch)20M20M20M20M
Record length (4 ch)20M20M20M20M


           Digital channels16 16 16 16 
           Spectrum analyzer (RF):    
Channels     1111
Frequency ranges:         
With SA3 option  9 kHz - 3 GHz9 kHz - 3 GHz9 kHz - 3 GHz9 kHz - 3 GHz
With SA6 option  9 kHz - 6 GHz9 kHz - 6 GHz9 kHz - 6 GHz9 kHz - 6 GHz
           Arbitrary function generator:    
Channels  1111
Frequency range  0.1 Hz - 50 MHz0.1 Hz - 50 MHz0.1 Hz - 50 MHz0.1 Hz - 50 MHz

You can capture time-correlated analog. digital. and RF signals for a complete system view of your device. See both the time and frequency domain in a single glance. View the RF spectrum at any point in time to see how it changes over time or with device state. Solve the most complicated design issues. quickly and efficiently. with an oscilloscope as integrated as your design.

Key performance specifications

4 analog channels

 - 1 GHz. 500 MHz. 350 MHz. and 200 MHz bandwidth models

16 digital channels (with MDO4MSO option)

 - MagniVu™ high-speed acquisition provides 60.6 ps fine timing resolution

1 spectrum analyzer channel

 - 9 kHz to 3 GHz or 9 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range (with SA3 or SA6 option)

 - Ultra-wide capture bandwidth ≥1 GHz

Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 500 MHz or 1 GHz analog bandwidth

Key features

Spectral analysis

 - Dedicated front-panel controls for commonly performed tasks

 - Automated peak markers identify frequency and amplitude of

 - spectrum peaks

 - Manual markers enable non-peak measurements

 - Trace types Include: Normal. Average. Max Hold. and Min Hold

 - Detection types include: +Peak. -Peak. Average. and Sample

 - Spectrogram display enables easy observation and insight into slowly changing RF phenomena

 - Automated measurements include: Channel Power. Adjacent

 - Channel Power Ratio (ACPR). and Occupied Bandwidth (OBW)

 - Trigger on RF power level

 -Triggered or Free Run spectral analysis

Mixed-domain analysis

 - Time-correlated analog. digital. and RF signal acquisitions in a single instrument

 - Wave Inspector® controls provide easy navigation of timecorrelated data from both the time and frequency domains

 - Amplitude. frequency. and phase vs. time waveforms derived from spectrum analyzer input

 - Selectable spectrum time to discover and analyze how RF spectrum changes over time - even on a stopped acquisition

Optional serial triggering and analysis - serial protocol trigger. decode. and search for I2C. SPI. USB. Ethernet. CAN. LIN. FlexRay. RS-232/422/485/UART. MIL-STD-1553. and I2S/LJ/RJ/TDM

264 mm (10.4 inches) bright XGA color display

Small footprint and lightweight - Only 147 mm (5.8 inches) deep and 5 kg (11 lb.)


Two USB 2.0 host ports on the front panel and two on the rear panel for quick and easy data storage. printing. and connecting a USB keyboard

USB 2.0 device port on the rear panel for easy connection to a PC or direct printing to a PictBridge®-compatible printer 

Integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet port for network connection and video out port to export the oscilloscope display to a monitor or projector

Recommended Probes


Passive Voltage Probes

TPP1000 10X. 1 GHz. 300 V CAT II

TPP0500 10X. 500 MHz. 300 V CAT II

TPP0502 2X. 500 MHz. 300 V CAT II

Active Voltage Probes

TAP1500 10X. 1.5 GHz. ± 8 V 

Differential Voltage Probes

TDP0500 50X/5X. 500 MHz. ± 42 V/± 4.2 V

TDP1000 50X/5X. 1 GHz. ± 42 V/± 4.2 V


High Voltage Probes

THDP0200 500X/50X. 200 MHz. ± 1500 V/± 150 V

TPP0850 50X. 800 MHz. 2500 V Peak

Current Probes

TCP0030 120 MHz. 30 A DC


Optional application support

Advanced RF triggering

Power analysis

Limit and mask testing

HDTV and custom video analysis

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
3-Number of analog channels 4 Channels
693-Powered on battery No
695-RF dedicated channel Yes
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet | GPIB
4-Bandwidth (Hz) 1 GHz
10-Min. Vertical Sensitivity (mV/div) 1 mV
11-Max. Vertical Sensitivity (V/div) 10 V
42-Logic channels (Nbr) 16 (option)
98-Trigger (Type) Edge | Logic/Pattern | Pulse | Runt | Video | Pulse width | Duration | Slope
5-Sampling rate (S/s) 5 GS/s (1-2 ch & 3-4 ch without RF); 2.5 GS/s (3-4 ch with RF)
7-Vertical Resolution (Bits) 8 Bits
338-MSO/logic analysis (Y/N) Yes
696-Bus decoding Yes
6-Record Length (pts) 20 Mpts
18-Signal processing (FFT) Yes
681-Acquisition rate (wfm/s) 340 000 wfm/s (FastAcq mode)
26-Mathematic functions (Y/N) Yes
466-Mathematic functions Integrate, Differentiate, FFT, Add, subtract, multiply, divide waveforms.
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT II 300V
88-Display TFT 10.4" color display, XGA (1024x768 pixels)
36-Additional Characteristics In option, 1 spectrum analyzer channelIn option, 1 function & arbitrary generatorIn option, 16 digital channelsIn option, Serial bus decoding & triggeringDigital multimeter & frequency counter after registration on TEK websiteInterfaces: 1 Ethernet (LAN) port, 4 USB port(2 on front panel, 2 on rear panel), GPIB with optional USB-GPIB adapter
132-Package includes Passive voltage probes 10:1, 1GHz, 3.9pF (1 per channel), power cord, PC softwares, calibration certificate, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 229x439x147 mm
13-Net Weight ~5.5 kg
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