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High Voltage Differential Probes, 1GHz, 1MOhm, +/-42V, x5/x50

Reference : TEKTDP1000
Purchase Order Reference : TDP1000
Brand : Tektronix
Sonde différentielle haute tension, 1GHz, 1MOhm, +/-42V
Temps de montée: <700 ps
Capacité d'entrée : <1 pF
Résistance d'entrée : 1MOhm
Tension d'entrée en mode commun : +/-35 V(DC+ crête AC); 25 Vrms
Gamme de tension d'entrée différentiel : +/-42 V (atténuation x5 ou x50)
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
High-speed switch mode power supply design
CAN/LIN bus design
Digital design and characterization
Manufacturing engineering test
Research and development
High-voltage differential probes
The TDP1000. TDP0500. and P6251 High-voltage Differential Probes are specifically designed for use with and direct connection to Tektronix oscilloscopes with either the TekVPI™ probe interface. or TekProbe BNC Interface. These probes achieve high-speed signal acquisition and measurement fidelity by solving three traditional measurement challenges:
 - Outstanding Electrical Performance
 - Versatile Device-Under-Test Connectivity
 - Ease of Use
Key performance specifications
1 GHz and 500 MHz probe bandwidth
<1 pf="" differential="" input="" capacitance="" div="">
1 MΩ differential input resistance
±42 v (DC + pk AC) differential input voltage
>18 dB CMRR (at 250 MHz 50X attenuation)
Key features
Outstanding electrical performance
 - Selectable bandwidth-limiting filters
 - DC reject
Versatile DUT connectivity
 - Small compact probe head for probing small geometry circuit elements
 - Straight pin. square pin. solder down. variable pitch standard accessories
 - Robust design for reliability
Easy to use
 - Provides automatic units scaling and readout on the oscilloscope display
 - TDP1000. TDP0500
    - Connect directly to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface
    - Easy access to scope-displayed probe menu for probe setup control and operating status information
    - Remote GPIB/USB probe control through the oscilloscope
    - AutoZero – zeros out output offset
Attenuation (probe only): x5; x50
Bandwidth (probe only): ≥1 GHz
Rise time (probe only): <700 ps="" div="">
Input capacitance: <1 pf="" div="">
Input resistance: 1 MΩ
Sensitivity/noise level: 5X attenuation 2 mVRMS - 10 mVRMS (referred to the probe output) - 50X attenuation 1 mVRMS - 50 mVRMS (referred to the probe output)
Propogation delay: 6.5 ns
Common mode input voltage: ±35 v (DC + pk AC); 25 VRMS
Differential input offset range: ±42 v (5X or 50X attenuation)
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
17-Input capacitance (pF) 1 pF
380-Input differential voltage max. (V) 42 V
48-Rise Time (s) 700 ps
15-Input Impedance (Ohm) 1 MOhm
12-Probe Attenuation (X) 50X
379-Input differential voltage min. (V) 42 V
4-Bandwidth (Hz) 1 GHz
52-Cable Length 1.2 m
120-Safety Overvoltage nc
132-Package includes User manual, Y-lead set, Solder-down lead set, 1 inch, Solder-down lead set, 3 inch, Micro CKT test tip, Tip savers, Longhorn adapters, Straight-pin probe tips, 3-inch ground leads, Color-coding bands, Nylon carrying case, CD with technical reference manualand quick start users guides
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 41x30.5x107 mm
13-Net Weight 146 g
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