Chauvin-Arnoux | CA834

Recording Sound Level Meter 130dB, 8kHz

Reference : CARCA834
Serie : ca834, ca833
Purchase Order Reference : P01185502
Brand : Chauvin-Arnoux
Sonomètre enregistreur.
Mémoire de 32 000 valeurs.
Cadence d'acquisition : de 1s à 1h.
Plage de mesure: 30 to 130dB.
Dynamique en fréquence: 31.5Hz to 8kHz.
Précision: ±1.5dB.
Résolution: 0.1dB.
2 temps dintégration lent et rapide.
2 courbes de pondérations dB(A) et dB(C).
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
C.A 834

Monitor your exposure to noise

The C.A 834 Recording Sound Level Meter is made to evaluate acoustical environments or noise pollution in conformance with legislation in effect.

Built in a compact and rugged casing. it has a very large recording capacity: 32.000 values

  • conformance with IEC 651 type 2
  • 4 measurement ranges: 30 to 130dB
  • accuracy: ±1.5dB
  • resolution: 0.1dB
  • 2 integration times: fast and slow
  • 2 weighting curves: dB(A) et dB(C)
  • memory: 32.000 values
  • acquisition rate: 1s to 1h
  • RS232 output: data extraction. to increase recording capacity. can be driven from a PC
  • tripod mounting
  • supplied with data processing software
  • dimensions 205 x 60.5 x 38mm / weight: 230g

    Calibrator C.A 833 : source adjusted to 94 and 114 dB
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
295-Accuracy class (Meets IEC 61672-1) "Sound indicator" (no class)
660-Integrator Yes
661-Recorder Yes
663-Memory Internal
127-Resolution (dB) 0.1 dB
45-PC interface RS-232
122-Frequency Weighting (Type) A (Human) | C (Industrial)
296-Parameter measured Equivalent sound level - Leq | Level of maximum instantaneous sound pressure - Lmax | Level of minimum instantaneous sound pressure - Lmin
126-Max Sound Frequency Range (Hz) 8 kHz
125-Min Sound Frequency Range (Hz) 31.5 Hz
123-Min Measurement Range (dB) 30 dB
124-Max Measurement Range (dB) 130 dB
36-Additional Characteristics
  • Enregistreur: Mémoire 32 000 valeurs (cadence d’acquisition de 1 s à 1 h)
  • conforme IEC 651 type 2
  • Mode Intégration Lent et Rapide
132-Package includes En malette avec logiciel d'exploitation des données, câble RS232 et prise jack pour sortie analogique
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 275x64x30 mm
13-Net Weight 285 g
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