Flir | TG130

Imaging IR Thermometer, -10 to +150°C, 80x60, 55°Hx43°V

Reference : FLITG130
Serie : TG1xx, TG16x, IGM, T&M
Purchase Order Reference : 74401-0104
Brand : Flir
Thermomètre infrarouge avec image thermographique.
Comble le fossé entre les thermomètres IR et les caméras infrarouges.
Type de détecteur: microbolomètre non refroidis à plan focal pour l'image thermique et la mesure (mesure 1point uniquement (point central)). 

Plage de mesure: -10°C à +150°C.
Emissivité: fixée à 0.95.
Bande spectrale: 8-14 um. 

Image thermique:
Résolution: 80x60, 4800 pixels.
Champ de vision: 55°Hx43°V.
Sensibilité thermique: <150mK (0.15°C).
Distance de focale min.: 10 cm.
1 palette de couleur: Acier. 

Ecran 1.8" TFT LCD.
Résiste aux chutes jusqu'à 2m.
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Quick quote for this product



Thermal imaging IR thermometer


Save money on heating and cooling costs with the FLIR TG130 Spot Thermal Camera. Quickly find and troubleshoot temperature-related issues around the house and solve problems fast.

Reduce energy costs

Use TG130 to find heat loss around doors. floors. walls. pipes. or windows. and locate spots where insulation is missing.

Solve household heating/cooling issues fast

Check HVAC performance and functionality.

Discover electrical issues

Troubleshoot problems affecting performance of home appliances.

Check food safety

Confirm that refrigerator settings are correct. and food is stored at a safe temperature.

Locate pipes in walls

Avoid hammering nails into water pipes when hanging décor or a flat screen TV.

Point-and-click simplicity

Aim the thermal camera at a target then click to freeze the image. No special training required.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR (+1 YEAR*)
184-guide-EN-38-glossary_of_terms_spectral_band 8-14 µm
160-Temperature accuracy nc
481-Emissivity correction No
301-emissivity Fixed at 0.95
189-Display frequency (Hz) 9 Hz
684-Picture example

110-Min measure range (°C) -10°C
111-Max measure range (°C) +150°C
728-Detector size 80x60 elements
729-Detector resolution 4800 pixels
614-Visible image No
615-Visualisation modes Infrared image only
113-Targetting range (x/1) nc
176-Horizontal field of view (FOV) 55°
116-Measuring unit (°C/°F) °C | °F
177-Vertical field of view (FOV) 43°
185-Min focus distance (cm) 10 cm
188-Display TFT LCD 1.8"
132-Package includes TG130, 3 AAA batteries, handstrap, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 169x113x48 mm
13-Net Weight 210 g
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