MSX Technology (EN)

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) by Flir Systems

A new. patent-pending fusion based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor that provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time.


· Real-time IR video enhanced with visible spectrum definition
· Exceptional thermal clarity to highlight exactly where the problem is
· Easier target identification without compromising radiometric data
· Quality so good. you won’t need a separate digital photo for reports

Unlike traditional thermal fusion that inserts an IR image into a visiblelight
picture. FLIR’s new MSX embosses digital camera detail onto
thermal video and stills.

Instant Results:
· Sharper-looking thermal images
· Quicker target orientation
· Clutter-free reports
· Faster route to solutions

Thermal image of a building without MSX
Thermal image of the same building. now using the MSX-setting.
Note that more details are visible.
making it easy to locate ventilation grids and see brick structure.
The MSX feature gives depth to your thermal image.
Thermal image of an overheated fuse without MSX.Thermal image of the same overheated fuse.
now using the MSX-setting.
Note that the text below the fuse is readable.
making it very easy to identify
and repair the correct fuse at a later stage.

Thermal image without MSX.MSX allows seeing even more detail on the
thermal image.
Thermal image without MSX.Thermal image with MSX.
An industry building without MSXThe same industry building with MSX
Thermal image of windowThe same window with MSX infrared picture mode
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