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Kit: DampMaster with set of points for every applications

Reference : LARDMP-TTD
Serie : DampMaster
Purchase Order Reference : Damp Master Pro-TTD
Brand : LaserLiner
Appareil de mesure de professionnel pour mesurer l'humidité du bois, du crépi, des éléments de construction et des matériaux.
Fournis avec diverses électrodes de profondeur adaptées à tous les domaines d'application.
Plage de mesure et précision:
Bois: 0-30% ±1%, 30-60% ±2%, 60-90% ± 4%.
Autres matériaux: ± 0,5 %.
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Quick quote for this product
Laser Liner
DampMaster Pro

Humidity a. Building Testing

Professional measuring device for ascertaining material moisture with right deep-insertion electrode for every application

– Professional moisture measuring device for wood and building moisture.
– Material groups: selection of various material groups (wood and building materials) increase the device's measuring accuracy for materialspecific measurements.
– Wet-dry indicator: wet-dry evaluation of measurement results provided by bar display.
– Quick localisation of moisture: comparison measurements can be made in Indicator-mode which reveal increasing or decreasing moisture based on a neutral scale.
1. Round deep-insertion electrode (non-insulated) for moisture measurements in building and insulating materials between joints or joint intersections.
2. Round deep-insertion electrode (insulated) for moisture measurements in concealed material layers to assess moisture distribution in multi-layer wall or ceiling structures.
3. Brush deep-insertion electrode for moisture measurement in homogeneous building material without using a contact mass.
Contact is established by the brush tip.
4. Flat deep-insertion electrode (insulated) for targeted moisture measurements in concealed material layers to assess moisture distribution in multi-layer wall or ceiling structures.
Electrodes can be inserted through edge strips or at the wall-ceiling transition.

Set inclusive:

+ Set of 4 insertion electrodes
+ external connection cable
+ protective cap with self-test function
+ vonversion table
+ batteries
+ carrying case

Measurement range / Accuracy:
  • Wood: 0 - 30% / 1%. 30 - 60% / 2%. 60 - 90% / 4%
  • Other materials: 0 - 5% / 0.5%. 5-10% / ± 1%

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
682-Measurement method Contact (Invasive)
651-Material types Wood | Building materials | Concrete (surface) | Concrete (depth)
158-Min. humidity range 0% RH
131-Max. humidity range 90% RH
161-Humidity accuracy 0.5%-4%
162-Humidity resolution nc
36-Additional Characteristics Supplied with set of electrodes for every applications
132-Package includes Carrying hardcase, 4 set of electrodes, connexion cable for electrodes, batteries, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 115x60x30 mm
13-Net Weight 169 g
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