Seaward Solar | Solarlink Test Kit

Complete tester kit for Photovoltaic Installations, meets MCS MIS 3002 requirments

Seaward Solar
Reference : SWSKitSolarlink
Serie : PV 150
Purchase Order Reference : 388A915
Brand : Seaward Solar
Testeur d'installations solaires tout-en-un simple et sécurisé. 

- Mesure de terre 0.01 à 199 Ohms.
- Tension en circuit ouvert 5 à 1000V.
- Courant de court-circuit 0.5 à 15A.
- Résistance d'isolement 50k à 199MOhm.
- Tests en fonctionnement 0.5 à 40A (pince AC/DC).
- Mesure Puissance fournie 0.1 à 40kW.
- Alarme polarité inversée.
- Rayonnement : 100-1250 W/m².
- Température : -30 à +125°C.
- Boussole : 0-360°.
- Incilnomètrer : 0-90°.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

A complete solution to the testing and
measurement requirements of photovoltaic


The kit includes all of the necessary equipment to measure the electrical safety and performance of PV systems as well as irradiance.

The PV150 installation tester combines all test functions required to meet international standards into one safe. easy-to-use. hand-held device. The addition of USB and wireless SolarlinkTM connectivity makes the PV150 the most versatile. safe and technically advanced solar PV tester on the market.
Transforming the way that PV systems are tested. the PV150 combines ground continuity. insulation resistance. open circuit voltage. short circuit current. operating current (uses supplied AC/DC current) and DC operating power test functions into one handheld unit.

The kit includes MC4 and Sunclix test adaptors which enable quick. safe and easy connection of the tester to the PV modules. strings or array.
As well as a comprehensive range of electrical test functions. the PV150 has memory to store up to 200 complete test records with USB connectivity to enable these to be quickly and easily downloaded to a PC.

When coupled with Seaward’s SolarCert Elements software program professional test certificates and reports can be created.

Using Seaward SolarlinkTM connectivity. the PV150 can wirelessly capture and record real-time irradiance. ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R multifunction irradiance meter. This means that you can take all measurements. as required by the IEC 62446 standard. simultaneously.


What is IEC 62446?
IEC 62446: 2009 Grid connected PV systems – minimum requirements for system documentation. commissioning tests. and inspection’ specifies the minimum requirements for system documentation‚ commissioning tests and inspections on PV installations.

In short the standard sets out measures to ensure that:
 The PV panels and electrical supply connections have been wired up correctly
 That the electrical insulation is good
 The protective earth connection is as it should be
 There has been no damage to cables during installation
 That the PV installation performance is as expected

Seaward’s Solar Installation Solar PV150 Test Kit helps to meet these requirements


*Warranty :

- 12 months. after registering on : www.seawardsolar.com/register-product
- 12 supplementary months if sent to calibration within the first 12 months

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR (+1 YEAR*)
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes PV150 solar installation tester; Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter; AC/DC current clamp;Rugged carry bag; 2 x MC4 test lead adaptors; 2 x Sunclix test lead adaptors; Red and Black Test leads, with test probe with detachable alligator clips; Quick Start Guides;Support CD-Rom; PV150 Calibration Certificate; Solar Survey 200R Calibration Certificate.
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 26x10x6 cm
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