Tektronix | AFG3151C

Arbitray function generator, 1 channel, 150MHz, 16/128kpts, 250M/1GS/s, 14 bits

Reference : TEKAFG3151C
Serie : AFG3000C
Purchase Order Reference : AFG3151C
Brand : Tektronix
Générateur à fonctions arbitraires.
Nombre de voies: 1.
Bande passante max.: 150 MHz (Sinus), 100 MHz (Carré, arbitraire).
Profondeur mémoire: 16/128 kpoints.
Fréquence d'échantillonnage max.: 250 MEch/s (16-128 kpts); 1GEch/s (2-16 kpts).
Résolution verticale: 14 bits.
Amplitude: 20mVcc - 10Vcc (50Ohm), 40mVcc - 20Vcc (Circuit ouvert ou haute impédance).
Interfaces USB, GPIB, LAN.
Drivers LabVIEW & LabWindows/IVI-C.
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
3-Number of analog channels 1 Channel
64-Max output voltage (V) 10Vpp
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet | GPIB
65-Memory (Pts) 16/128 Kpts
5-Sampling rate (S/s) 250 Msps (16-128 kpts); 1Gsps (2-16kpts)
70-Additional output (TTL and CMOS) TTL
60-Waveforms (Type) Sinus | Square | Triangle | Pulse | Sweep | Noise | Ramp | Exponential rise | Exponential fall | Sin(x)/x
62-Modulation (Type) AM | FM | FSK | PM | PWM
59-Frequency Range (Hz) 150 MHz (Sinus); 100 MHz (Square, Arbitrary)
67-Display/resolution 5.6" Color TFT LCD / 14 bits
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes Power cord (Please specify country power plug when ordering), USB cable, quick guide, user-programmer-service manuals on CD-ROM, LabView & IVI drivers, ArbExpress software, NIST calibration certificate
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 156.3x329.6x168 mm
13-Net Weight 4.5 kg
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