Tektronix | RSA607A

USB real time spectrum analyzer, 9kHz - 7.5GHz, IF 40MHz, +20 - -160dBm, GPS

Reference : TEKRSA607A
Serie : RSA306B, RSA-series, RSA600, RSA603A
Brand : Tektronix

Analyseur de spectre temps réel portatif au format "USB".
Connexion PC: USB 3.0, logiciel SignalVU-PC.
Tracé du spectrogramme (2-D & 3-D).
Plage de fréquence: 9kHz à 7.5GHz.
Bande passante IF: 40MHz.
Résolution: 14 bits.
Taux d'échantillonnage: 112 MEch/s.
Plage de mesure: +20dBm à -160dBm.
DANL:-164 dBm/Hz max.
Span: 100Hz à 7.5GHz.
Fonctions d'analyse de signaux vectoriels: Amplitude, fréquence, phase vs temps, RF I & Q vs temps.
Alimentation: Par adaptateur secteur.
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzers

The RSA600A Series USB spectrum analyzers offer high bandwidth laboratory spectrum analysis in a small. very transportable package


The RSA600A Series gives you the bandwidth and analysis tools you need to succeed

The RSA600A series brings real-time spectrum analysis and wide analysis bandwidth to solving the problems of engineers who need to characterize. validate and manufacture their designs. The heart of the system is the USB-based RF spectrum analyzer that captures 40 MHz bandwidths with great fidelity. With 70 dB dynamic range and frequency coverage to 7.5 GHz. you can fully characterize wideband signals up to 40 MHz bandwidths. The USB form factor moves the processing power to the PC of your choice. so you decide when you need more processing power or memory.

The optional tracking generator enables gain/loss measurements for quick tests of filters. amplifiers. duplexers and other components. and you can add cable and antenna measurements of VSWR. return loss. distance to fault. and cable loss as needed.



  • Characterization of RF devices. subsystems. and systems
  • Manufacturing test
  • Mobile field operations


Features and benefits

  • 9 kHz to 3.0/7.5 GHz frequency range covers a broad range of analysis needs
  • 40 MHz acquisition bandwidth enables real time analysis for transient capture and vector analysis
  • Amplitude accuracy of 0.2 dB to 3 GHz (95% confidence)
  • Standard GPS/GLONASS/Beidou receiver for mapping and reference oscillator accuracy enhancement
  • Optional tracking generator for gain/loss. antenna and cable measurements
  • Streaming capture can be used to record and play back long term events
  • SignalVu-PC software offers real time signal processing with DPX Spectrum/Spectrogram to minimize time spent on transient and interference hunting
  • 100 μsec minimum signal duration with 100% probability of intercept ensure you see problems first time. every time
  • Application programming interface included for development of custom programs
  • Accessories including tablet PC. calibration kits. adapters and phase-stable cables offer a complete field solution for interference hunting and transmitter maintenance


SignalVu-PC software offers rich analysis capability in the field

The RSA600A series operates with SignalVu-PC. a powerful program used as the basis of Tek's traditional spectrum analyzers. offering a deep analysis capability previously unavailable in low-cost laboratory solutions. Real-time processing of the DPX spectrum/spectrogram is enabled in your PC. further reducing the cost of hardware. Customers who need programmatic access to the instrument can choose either the SignalVu-PC programmatic interface or use the included application programming interface (API) that provides a rich set of commands and measurements directly. Basic functionality of the free SignalVu-PC program is far from basic. Base version measurements are shown below.


Frequency range9kHz to 3GHz9kHz to 7.5GHz
Capture bandwidth40 MHz
Tracking generatorwith option 04

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
693-Powered on battery Yes
240-Frequency (min) 9 kHz
235-Frequency (max) 7.5 GHz
239-RBW (dB;Hz) 10 Hz
242-Min amplitude (dBm) -160 dBm
243-Max amplitude (dBm) +20 dBm
613-RF Connector N
241-RBW sequence mode and max value (type) 10Hz-10MHz + auto mode
245-Span (Hz) 100Hz-7.5GHz
88-Display PC display
36-Additional Characteristics IF bandwidth: 40MHzUSB spectrum analyzer: USB3.0 PC interface & SignalVU-PC softwareType N female RF inputSMA female trigger/sync & externanl frequency reference inputs.Powered by AC adapterTracking generator in option
132-Package includes RSA607A, AC adapter/charger, USB 3.0 cable, SignalVu-PC software & documentation on USB key, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 75x222.3x358.6 mm
13-Net Weight 2.79 kg
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