Teledyne Lecroy | WaveStation 2022

Arbitrary waveform generator, 25MHz, 2 channels, 14 bits, 125Msps, 16kpts/ch, 3.5" color display

Teledyne Lecroy
Reference : LECWSG2022
Serie : WaveStation
Purchase Order Reference : WaveStation 2022
Brand : Teledyne Lecroy
Générateur de fonctions et arbitraire.
Nombre de voies: 2.
Bande passante: 25MHz.
Fréquence d'échantillonnage: 125MEch/s.
Résolution: 14 bits.
Profondeur mémoire: 16kpts / voie.
Ecran couleur 3.5".
Fonctions: Sinus, carré, rampe, impulsion, bruit, arbitraire, sinc, gaussien, log, etc...
Interfaces USB & GPIB.
Fourni avec: logiciel PC, câble USB, adaptateur USB-GPIB, certificat de performance.
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Lecroy  WaveStation Waveform Generator

WaveStation waveform generators provide a wide range of standard and arbitrary waveforms. a variety of modulation schemes and a simple front panel for simple. powerful. flexible waveform generation

Key Features:

  • High performance with 14-bit. 125 MS/s. 16 kpts waveform generation
  • 2 channels on all models
  • Large 3.5” color display for easy waveform preview
  • Over 40 built-in arbitrary waveforms
  • Linear & Logarithmic sweeps and burst operation
  • USB and GPIB connectivity
  • Graphical waveform editing software for PC

High Performance and Signal Fidelity
High performance hardware enables WaveStation to create accurate stable waveforms. High sample rate and resolution combined with low jitter and harmonic distortion means waveforms see on the display are accurately created and outputted by the hardware.

Extensive Waveform Library
Easily create basic sine. square. ramp. pulse. and noise waveforms plus over 40 advanced arbitrary waveforms. Edit waveforms using the WaveStation PC software with point-by-point manual waveform design as well as waveform drawing tools.

Connectivity and Communication
With standard USB and GPIB connectivity it is easy to control WaveStation remotely or integrate it in to a test system. All necessary I/O for synchronization can be accessed on the rear panel. A front panel USB port provides an easy wave to save waveforms.

Simple. Fast Waveform Creation
The intuitive front panel provides easy access to waveforms. modulation and operating modes. The large 3.5” display shows all relevant waveform parameters and preview. Included PC software provides a graphical interface for quickly modifying waveforms with
point-by-point editing. digital filtering and waveform drawing tools


Variety of Modulation Schemes
Built-in modulation capabilities include AM. PM. FM. ASK. PSK and FSK. View the modulated waveform on the display and see how it changes when varying the output frequency and carrier waveform.

WaveStation PC software
Easily create and edit waveforms on the PC with mathematical operations. filters. point-by-point editing or draw a waveform with a mouse. Transfer the waveforms to WaveStation over USB and view it on the 3.5” display. Additionally. connecting a LeCroy WaveAce oscilloscope to the same PC enables transferring real world signals from the oscilloscope to the PC and then to the WaveStation.


WaveStation 2012
10 MHz. 2ch 14bit 125MS/s 3.5" Color Display Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
WaveStation 2022
25 MHz. 2ch 14bit 125MS/s 3.5" Color Display Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
WaveStation 2052
50 MHz. 2ch 14bit 125MS/s 3.5" Color Display Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

 All models are supplied with:
Power Cable for the Destination Country. USB 2.0 Cable Type A to B (Black. 1 m). USB to GPIB Converter. Getting Started Manual. Performance Certificate. Declaration of Conformity. WaveStation PC Software CD. Product Registration Card

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
3-Number of analog channels 2 Channels
64-Max output voltage (V) 10Vpp
45-PC interface USB | GPIB
65-Memory (Pts) 16kpts / ch
5-Sampling rate (S/s) 125 Msps
70-Additional output (TTL and CMOS) TTL
60-Waveforms (Type) Sinus | Square | Pulse | Noise | Ramp
62-Modulation (Type) AM | FM | FSK | PM | PSK
59-Frequency Range (Hz) 25 MHz
67-Display/resolution 3.5" TFT LCD color display, 320x240
132-Package includes Power Cable for the Destination Country, USB 2.0 Cable Type A to B (Black, 1 m), USB to GPIB Converter, Getting Started Manual, Performance Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, WaveStation PC Software CD, Product Registration Card
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 105x229x281 mm
13-Net Weight 2.6 kg
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