Beha-Amprobe | 2100-GAMMA

VAT voltage, continuity & resistance tester, 6-690V, 65Hz, vibrator, switchable load, LCD display

Reference : AMP2100-GAMMA
Brand : Beha-Amprobe
Testeur VAT/DDT.
Mesure de la tension.
Gamme de mesure: 12-1000/1200V AC/DC.
Mesure de la continuité avec indication visuelle et sonore.
Indication sonore désactivable.
Mesure de résistance.
Lampe torche à LED intégrée.
Affichage à DELs et écran LCD.
Fonction HOLD (Maintien de l'affichage).
Test unipolaire pour la détection de phase.
Indicateur de polarité.
L'affichage de la tension fonctionne aussi lorsque les piles sont plates, voire sans piles (VAT).
Conforme EN 61243-3:2010.
Protection IP64
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
VATs Fluke

Compliance with new European standards about electric safety.
EN 61243-3: 2010

Voltage and Continuity Testers

CAT IV 600 V. CAT III 690 V safety rating.
Fluke’s new family of two-pole testers comply with both regulation HSE GS 38 (tip caps) and IEC EN 61243-3: 2010. the most recent and applicable standards for this type of test equipment.

Vibration provides tactile feedback (T110. T130. T150).
Even when viewing the display or hearing the beeper is difficult. you’ll know voltage is present. This is especially useful in noisy environments. or when you can’t take your eyes off the probes.

Audio on/off for testing in quiet areas.
If you’re working in quiet surroundings. such as a medical or office setting. you don’t want to disturb people in the vicinity with noises.
The tester’s acoustic alert switches on or off to fit your environment.

Detects voltage even with discharged batteries.
The tester can still detect the presence of voltage (>50 V ac. >120 V dc) even with dead batteries. an important safety feature.
You should always use your two-pole tester with working batteries. but for that rare time when your batteries fail in the field. it’s nice to know you still have this one indication of live voltage.

Phase rotation indicator for 3-phase systems.
Where three-phase power supplies feed motors. drives and electrical systems. use Fluke’s innovative three-phase rotation detection system to quickly determine phase sequence.
Ensure the system is wired correctly. without reaching for another tool.
RCD functionality.
Convenient two-button controls allow you to draw more current from the circuit under test and intentionally trip Residual-Current Devices (RCDs) remotely and determine if they are wired correctly. A Quick Start Guide covering the basics of RCD testing is included with the product.

Built in electric torch (T110. T130. T150).
Light up dim testing environments at the touch of a button for faster. safer probing.

Single-phase voltage offers fast identification of live conductors.
Need to verify that a row of “hot” conductors are indeed connected to power? The two-pole tester can tell with you a single touch of the main probe. Simply touch a live conductor and the probe instantly give an audible and visual signal if the power is on. A great timesaver before you begin actual testing.

Resistance testing (T150).
Testers measure and display resistance up to 1999 ohms. adding more power and versatility to this essential tester.

WearGuard™ insulation shows damage to test leads.
The two-pole tester’s rugged. durable test leads have two layers of insulation for added durability. But if the inner. contrasting-colored
layer is showing. that’s a sign that the test leads have been damaged and replacement is in order.

Backlit LED indicatoroooo
Backlit LCD digital display--LCDLCD
Continuity test—visual resultsoooo
Continuity test—audible resultsoo
with on/off
with on/off
with on/off
Vibratory indicator
under load
Display hold--oo
Voltage testoooo
Indication of polarityoooo
Resistance measurement---o
Switchable load-ooo
Single pole test for phase detectionoooo
Rotary field indicator-ooo
Probe tip protectionoooo
Voltage display with discharged batteriesoooo
Electrical torch function-ooo
Wear indicator test lead wireoooo
                                                                    -: Has not the function
                                                                   o: Has the function


Voltage ac/dc12 V to 690 V6 V to 690 V
Continuity0 to 400 kΩ
Frequency0/40 to 400 Hz
Phase rotation-100 V to 690 V
Resistance measurement---Up to 1999 Ω
Response time (LED indicator)< 0.5 s
200 kΩ input impedanceCurrent draw 3.5 mA @ 690 V; 1.15 mA @ 230 V
7 kΩ input impedance
(with load buttons pressed)
-Current draw 30 mA @ 230 V
Safety ratingCAT II 690 V
CAT III 690 V. CAT IV 600 V
IP ratingIP54IP64IP64IP64
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 2 YEARS
452-AC voltage max. (V) 690 V AC
757-NF C 18-510 No
454-AC voltage min. (V) 6 V AC
453-DC voltage max. (V) 690 V DC
455-DC voltage min. (V) 6 V DC
95-VAT (IEC/EN 61243-3) Yes
92-DDT Yes
692-IP2X touch points (IEC/EN 60529) No
756-Display LED scale | LCD screen
93-Functions Resistance | Continuity | Polarity | RCD test | Phase test (1-pole) | Phase rotation | Audible Beep | Vibrator | LED lighting
119-Safety Level CAT I | CAT II | CAT III | CAT IV
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT III 690V / CAT IV 600V
36-Additional Characteristics LCD displayHOLD functionAcoustical indication is disableBuilt-in LED lamp
132-Package includes T150, 2x 1.5V batteries, instructions sheet, manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 260x70x38 mm
13-Net Weight 280 g
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