BK Precision | BK1739

Low Current, High Resolution, Switching DC Power Supply, 30 V, 1 A

BK Precision
Reference : BKPBK1739
Purchase Order Reference : BK1739
Brand : BK Precision
Alimentation stabilisée à découpage, haute précision, faible courant, 0 - 30V / 0 - 1A
Résolution de 10mV et 0,1mA
Très faible ondulation et très faible bruit
Excellente caractéristique de régulation
Affichage à LED, très lumineux - 4 digits, 2 couleurs
Interface RS-232 et logiciel d'émulation de face avant
Protection contre les surcharges
Protection contre les inversions de polarité
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
BK Precision 1739
The B&K Precision model 1739 is a high resolution. low current DC power source with excellent load regulation and low noise characteristics. Two 4-digit LED displays continuously monitor the outputvoltage and current. The power supplies can be operated locally from the front panel or remotely through the RS-232 interface. The mechanical configuration conserves bench space and allows for easy portability. 
The 1739 is a low current precision power supply designed especially for small current applications that require a clean and precise source. Using a MOSFET circuit design and high quality components with very low temperature coefficients. the power supply is extremely stable and capable of outputting current as low as 1 mA with a 100 uA settable resolution. The power supply is also implemented with a high performance AC line filter to minimize noise on the power line before rectification. allowing for very low ripple and noise at the output. This power supply is well suited for electrical and electronics applications requiring precise levels of low current. including 4-20 mA current loop testing. calibration. or basic IC testing.
Features and Benefits
■ Low 1 mA settable current limit with 0.1 mA resolution
■ Output on/off button
■ Exceptionally low current ripple and noise (<0.4 marms="" div="">
■ Excellent regulation
■ Constantvoltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operation
■ Two large. easy-to-read LED displays provide good visibility in bright or low light conditions
■ CV and CC mode indicator
■ Automatic recall of saved voltage and current settings upon power-up
■ RS-232 interface
■ Isolated output
■ Overload protection
■ Reverse polarity protection
■ Power-on self test
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
622-Accuracy (V) 0.5%
755-Type - Size "Standard - benchtop"
623-Current accuracy 0.5%
23-Voltage resolution 10 mV
53-Current resolution (A) 0.1mA
68-Max. Power 30W
57-Max. output voltage 30V
58-Max. output current 1A
56-Channel counts Single
717-Programmable No
55-Operating mode (Type) na
621-Ripple & noise 1 mV rms
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT II 300V
36-Additional Characteristics -
132-Package includes Power cord, instruction manual, RS232 cable
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 158x140x318 mm
13-Net Weight 4 kg
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