Chauvin-Arnoux | CA8336

Triple-phase electrical network analyser 1kV TRMS, 4U/4I inputs, current clamps in option

Reference : CARCA8336
Serie : CA8336, qualistar plus
Brand : Chauvin-Arnoux
Monophasé, triphasé, transitoires.
5 entrées Tension et 4 entrées courant.
1000V Phase-Phase.
1000V Phase-Neutre.
6.5kA avec Ampflex, 100A avec pinces MN, etc.....
Possibilités de mesures jusqu'à 500kV et 50kA aux fonctions de ratios de tension et de courant.
Mémoire carte SD.
Conforme IEC 61010-1, 600V. cat.IV / 1000V. cat.III.
Livré avec notice multilangues (dont français) et logiciel de rapatriement des données Power Analyzer Transfer (PAT)
Logiciel d'analyse et de rapport DATAVIEW en option. 

Choix des pinces de courant en option (dont pinces flexibles type Ampflex). 

Différentes configurations sont disponibles, merci de nous consulter.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
C.A 8336
Qualistar+ 5U/4I


All the parameters simultaneously
Designed for test and maintenance departments working in industrial or administrative buildings. the Qualistar+ C.A 8336 can be used to obtain a snapshot of the main features characterizing the quality of the electrical network.. This analyser's functions make it the ideal instrument for preventive or corrective maintenance. It can also be used to perform a complete energy survey of an installation.
For sizing electrical installations or troubleshooting switching faults. the C.A 8336 is equipped with Inrush and TrueInrush functions.
Easy to handle and particularly compact. this instrument also offers a large number of calculated values and several processing functions. The C.A 8336 is equipped with 4 voltage measurement channels and 4 current measurement channels. The C.A 8336 captures and records all the parameters. transients. alarms and waveforms simultaneously.

When current sensors are connected to the C.A 8336. it recognizes them automatically. It also offers the possibility of mixing different types of current sensors and configuration of the ratios allows direct reading of the measurements.
Specially designed for work in the field:
- direct access to the main functions (configuration. etc.)
- direct access to the measurements (harmonics. flicker. etc.)
- voltage/current inputs equipped with coloured identification rings
- large colour TFT screen for easy reading
- battery life of 13 hrs
The multiple functions of the Qualistar+ C.A 8336 make it a versatile instrument. It is suitable for applications up to 1.000 V in CAT III and 600 V in CAT IV.
The measurements obtained with the Qualistar models can be processed using two software tools: PAT delivered as standard and Dataview®. available as an option. They allow configuration. transfers. processing and analysis. In addition. Dataview® offers the possibility of generating reports according to the voltage quality standards.
Specific accessories

  • The ESSAILEC cable can be used to carry out tests without disturbing or interrupting the power supply circuit on the meters and the protection relays installed in the secondary circuits of current or voltage transformers.
  • All the Qualistar+ models are delivered with a set of rings/inserts for quick identification and customization of the colour coding for each country.
  • Large choice of current sensors for current measurements from 5 mA to 10 kA

    Technical specifications:
    - TRMS AC+DC voltage up to 1.000 V
    - TRMS AC+DC current: 5 mA to 10 kA depending on sensors
    - Frequency
    - Power values: W. VA. var. VAD. PF. DPF. cos φ. tan φ
    - Energy values: Wh. varh. VAh. VADh. BTU. TEP. toe. Joule
    - Harmonics from 0 to the 50th order. phase. expert mode
    - Transients: up to 210
    - Flicker (Pst and Plt)
    - Inrush with waveform over a period > 10 minutes
    - TrueInrush function
    - Recording of a selection of parameters at the maximum sampling rate for 2 weeks to several years
    - alarms: 10.000 of 40 different types
    - Peak detection
    - Vectorial representation
    - Available in more than 27 languages
    - IP53 / IK08
    - USB communication
    - IEC 61000-4-30 Class B
    - Dimensions / weight: 240 x 180 x 55 mm / 1.9 kg
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
759-type of instrument Hand-held (with recording)
760-Instrument class (IEC 61000-4-30) B Class
214-Max effective power (W) In function of current clamps
624-Current inputs 4
84-Nature of the network Single-phase | Three-phase | Balanced three-phase
85-Power/energy type Active power (W) | Reactive power (VAR) | Apparent power (VA) | Active energy (Wh) | Reactive energy (VARh) | Apparent energy (VAh)
87-AC/DC Max voltage (V) 1000V TRMS
88-AC/DC Max current (A) 100A (E3N clamp); 6.5kA (Ampflex)
541-Resolution nc
86-Measurement functions Harmonics, THD | Flicker | Unbalance | Dips/swells of voltage | Transcient capture | Interruption | Frequency | Inrush | Voltage | Current | Power Factor (Cos Phi)
25-Autonomy 30 hours
119-Safety Level CAT I | CAT II | CAT III | CAT IV
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
36-Additional Characteristics
  • Harmoniques avec mode expert
  • Transitoire
  • Mémoire carte SD
  • Interface USB
  • Possibilité de mesures jusqu'à 500kV et 50kA grâce aux fonctions de ratios de tension et de courant
132-Package includes
  • 1 sacoche de transport, 1 cordon USB, 1 chargeur alimentation, 1 cordon secteur, 5 cordons tension banane diam.4 mm de 3 m, 5 pinces crocodiles, 1 jeu de repérage 12 couleurs des cordons et entrées, 1 film de protection écran, 1 fiche de sécurité, 1 manuel multilangues, 1 logiciel PC Power Analyzer Transfer (PAT)
  • Pinces de courant à choisir en option.
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 240x180x55 mm
13-Net Weight 1.9 kg
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