Delta Ohm | HD2003.1

Ultrasonic Anemometer, Omnidirectionnal, voltage and current output

Delta Ohm
Reference : DTOHD2003.1
Serie : Delta OHM, HD 2003, HD2003
Brand : Delta Ohm
Anémomètre statique de mesure de la vitesse et direction du vent, composants cartésiens U-V-W de vitesse du vent. 

Cinq canaux analogiques de sortie en différentes tensions et courant sur différentes plages.  
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
HD 2003. HD 2003.1

HD2003 and HD2003.1 are three axis ultrasonic anemometers. they measure the speed and direction of wind. the U-V-W Cartesian components of speed. sound speed and sonic temperature.

The HD2003 allows also to detect temperature and relative humidity of the air and barometric pressure.

The HD2003 main features are:
• Determination of the anemometric quantities represented in diverse measurement units: wind speed and direction. U-V-W Cartesian components of speed. sound speed. sonic temperature.
• (HD2003 Model) additional output quantities: Temperature. Relative Humidity and Pressure.
• 5 analogue voltage or current outputs. with different measuring ranges.
• RS232 and Multidrop RS485 Serial Communication interfaces.
• Configurable output rate of digital output data string.
• Configurable average periods 1÷60sec and 1÷60min. for all output quantities.
• Processing algorithms and validation of the raw measurement signals to provide a measure of greatness anemometer with ± 1%.
• Digital high frequency data acquisition mode with 50Hz data output.
• Self diagnostics with error checking and report.
• Reliability and accuracy throughout the measuring range without further calibration.
• Flexible. easy-to use demo software. configurable according to the user’s needs through Computer interface.
• User interface for managing the setup and software upgrade via RS232 or RS485.
• Compass magneto sensor for automatic alignment to magnetic north.
• No moving parts. maintenance costs and reduced service.
• Robust construction. suitable to operate continuously in harsh conditions.
• Low power consumption.
• (On request) Heating Option: built-in heating device of sonic transducers. to prevent ice and snow formation. Assures correct measurements even in presence of sleet or snow.

Typical applications:
- Meteorology
- Aviation and Navigation
- Tunnels. Highways
- Climatology
- Sport and winter stations
- Safety in yards
- Industrial buildings

Technical specifications
Output quantities
• Anemometric parameters Wind speed and direction. Sound Speed. Sonic Temperature. U-V-W Components
• Meteorological parameters (Model HD2003) Pressure. Temperature. Relative Humidity
• Heading Compass with magnetic Azimuth
• Moving Averages 1÷60 sec./ 1 ÷ 60 min.
• Output rate 1÷3600 sec. or 1/50 sec. (RS232 or RS485)

Wind Speed
• Measuring unit m/s. cm/s. km/h. knots. mph
• Range 0÷65 m/s (234 km/h)
• Resolution 0.01 m/s
• Accuracy ± 1% of reading

Wind Direction
• Range Azimuth: 0÷360° Elevation: ± 60°
• Resolution 0. 1°
• Accuracy ± 1°

Sound speed
• Range 300 ÷ 380 m/s
• Resolution 0.01 m/s
• Accuracy ± 1% of reading

Sonic Temperature
• Range -40 + 60°C
• Resolution 0.1 °C
• Accuracy ± 1°C

• Range 0 ÷ 360°
• Resolution 0.1 °
• Accuracy ± 1°

Digital Outputs
• Communications RS-232 full duplex. Multidrop RS-485 half duplex
• Baud Rate 9600 ÷ 115200 bit/sec.
• Output Rate Normal functioning mode: 1 ÷ 3600 sec.Digital high frequency: 1/50 sec
• Measured data Digital string of anemometric quantities and compass (Model HD2003) Pressure. temperature. relative humidity Analog Outputs
• Number 5 freely. selectable output of all sizes available
• Range 0÷20mA. 4÷20mA. 0÷1V. 0÷5V. 1÷5V. 0÷10V
• Resolution 14 bit max

Power supply
• Range 12 ÷ 30 VDC
• Power <2w typically="" 110ma="" 15vdc="" 6w="" models="" with="" heaters="" and="" environment="" temperature="" not="" lower="" than="" -10="" c="" br="">
Heaters (On request at the time of placing the order)
Heating with automatic temperature control on sonic transducers. to prevent ice and snow formation.

Temperature. Relative Humidity. and Pressure Sensors (Model 2003)
Pt100 sensor
Analog output 0÷20mA. 4÷20mA. 0÷1V. 0÷5V. 1÷5V. 0÷10V
Range: -40 + 60°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ± 0.2°C. ± 0.15°C of reading

Relative Humidity
Capacitive sensor
Analog output ( 0 ÷ 100% RH): 0÷20mA. 4÷20mA. 0÷1V. 0÷5V. 1÷5V. 0÷10V
Range: 0 ÷ 100% RH
Resolution 0.1 % RH
Accuracy ± 2% RH @ 23°C in the range 5÷90%RH. 2.5% in the remaining range.

Piezoresistive sensor
Analog output: 0÷20mA. 4÷20mA. 0÷1V. 0÷5V. 1÷5V. 0÷10V
Range 800 ÷ 1100 mbar (On request: 600 ÷ 1100 mbar)
Resolution 0.1mbar
Accuracy ± 0.4mbar @ 20°C
Thermic effects ± 0.8mbar from -40°C up to +60°C
Long-term stability < 0.2% f.s. in 6 months @ 20°C

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
36-Additional Characteristics
  • Direction du vent Température
  • Humidité Relative
  • Pression Barométrique
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