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Le Corentium Home (Anciennement nommé Canary) est un moniteur de radon électronique pour la mesure en continu de la concentration en radon à l'intérieur des bâtiments. 

Il renseigne 3 valeurs :
- la concentration moyenne sur le dernier jour
- la concentration moyenne sur les 7 derniers jours pour suivre son évolution dans le temps
- la concentration moyenne de Radon (en Bq/m3) sur une longue période (>1mois) 

Pas besoin de prise secteur, il fonctionne avec des piles pour une autonomie de 2 ans.
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Corentium Home

Portative Radon Monitor

Loved by thousands

Meet Corentium Home by Airthings (previously known as Canary). a simple but powerful radon gas detector. It provides exactly what you need to stay on top of your radon levels - no more. no less.

A radon gas detector for everyone

Quality and design are part of our Norwegian identity. Developed by our in-house CERN scientists. we are proud to offer a product which is both simple and elegant.

Everything you need

Quick results

Within 24 hours you will see the first indication of your radon levels.

Long battery life

The battery lasts an incredible 2 years with 3 AAA batteries which are included in the box.


The device automatically callibrates to its environment. improving accuracy.


1-day. 7-day. and long-term average radon level

Radon levels change

We believe in making highly accurate devices that are simple to use and nice to look at. Since radon levels change. we wanted to give you the most accurate readings every 24 hours.

Measure in all rooms

Every room in your home has a different radon level. With a radon gas detector by Airthings you can measure all rooms for the price of one device. All our detectors are light-weight and portable.



Battery Life

Unlike a charcoal test. our detectors are unaffected by humidity and other radiation3 AAA batteries are included in the box. Estimated battery life: 2 years of monitoring

After 7 Days

After 1 Month

One standard deviation is within 20% of the actual radon level. measured at 100 Bq/m³One standard deviation is within 10% of the actual radon level. measured at 100 Bq/m³
Product Details
637-Supply type Batteries (non-rechargeable)
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 120 mm × 69 mm × 22,5 mm
13-Net Weight 130 g
633-Autonomy (years) 2 years
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