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Lightweight battery-driven mini fogger, 12V battery

Reference : DIVTINYCX
Serie : Tiny, Tiny CX, TinyCX
Purchase Order Reference : Tiny CX
Brand : Divers
Machine à fumée portative. 

Particulièrement adaptée pour vos recherches de fuites en infiltrométrie. 

Alimenté par une batterie 12V DC retirable.
- Puissance consommée: 70 W
- Capacité réservoir: 50 mL
-Batterie (fournie): 12V DC
- Consommation: 2.3 mL/min (10-15 min d'autonomie)
- Poids: 650 g environ.
- Dimensions: 244mm x 52mm x 54mm 

Batterie, chargeur et fluide fumigène (250mL) fournis.
Mallette de transport fournie.
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Quick quote for this product

Tiny CX


- La TINY CX peut être utilisé avec les systèmes Blower door  afin de détecter les fuites grâce à la fumée générée par la machine.

The TINY CX is the latest. modified successor of the TINY C07.

Unlike the TINY C07. the TINY CX has a changeable battery. Thus. the machine is even more efficient. If the battery is empty. a new one can simply be inserted without losing time with recharging.

The TINY CX is delivered in a carrying case.

The TINY CX is a handy. compact battery-driven fog generator. Its easy handling and quick start-up is outstanding.

With its warming up time of less than a second. its light weight (630 grams) and the small dimensiond (L= 25. W= 5.3. H= 5.5 cm). this machine is applicable in many fields of operation.

In the world of theatre. film. TV and photographers. musicals and special effects. air flow and air tightness testing - everywhere where fog is needed quickly and unobtrusively. the TINY CX is the perfect alternative to normal fog machines.

All components of the machine have been built into a small and robust case.

Just like the TINY FX. the heart of this machine is a microprocessor which controls and supervises all important functions. This guarantees a continuous and safe running of the generator.

A compact battery (L = 10.5. W = 4.4. H = 4.1 cm) supplies the TINY CX with the 11.1 V supply. The battery can be inserted into the machine and can be easily changed if necessary.

Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary.
Thus the operating time is greatly increased compared to other battery-powered machines.

The TINY CX is ready to go directly. Only the battery has to be inserted and the fluid tank. which is fitted to the housing. has to be filled with original Tiny-fluid. The fogging process can be started immediately and continuously.

With the internal battery you can produce up to 10 - 15 minutes of continuous output or up to 150 puffs of 5 sec.

The TINY CX can easily be triggered with one hand. The start button is placed in the machines lid and can be pressed with the thumb.

The Tiny-fluid ensures that dense fog is produced with the lowest of fluid consumption (2.3 ml/min. at continuous output).

The TINY CX can be optional controlled in the following ways:

With a radio remote control or cable remote.
With a DMX-converter the machine can be triggered via DMX 512. With a Timer you can programme in the fogging time and the fog-free time.



  • Small dimensions. light weight
  • Battery supplies energy only when necessary
  • Warm up time less than 1 second
  • Continuous output
  • Lowest fluid consumption
  • Changeable battery
  • Triggered with the start button or the optional radio remote. DMX-converter and timer

Typical applications

  • Locating leakages in the area of window joints and -connections
  • Locating cable ducts with air flow in walls. ceilings. or floors beween fire zones
  • Visualizing leaking ventilation- and exhaust-pipe installations in the basement
  • Checking service shafts between individual apartments



vaporizing fog generator

Power requirement

70 Watt


12 V battery

Warm up time

0.5 Sec.

Fluid tank capacity

50 ml

Fluid consumption

2.3 ml/min. at cont. output

Continuous output with battery

10 - 15 min.


Start button
Radio remote (option)
Cable remote (option)
DMX512 (option)
Timer (option)

Temperature control


Dimensions (LxWxH)

25 x 5.3 x 5.5 cm

Weight incl. battery

630 g


Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 2 YEARS
583-Max smoke flow nc
704-Fluid consumption 2.3 mL/min
705-Max. Power (for max. flow) 70 W
706-Fogging time 10-15 min in continuous
707-Fluid tank capacity 50 mL
132-Package includes The Tiny-CX, 1 battery, 1 charger and lead, 1x 250mL bottle of fog fluid, 1 carrying case, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 55x53x250 mm
13-Net Weight 630 g
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