Elc | GF467F

Function generator 5MHz, 20Vpp, -40dB attenuation

Reference : ELCGF467F
Purchase Order Reference : GF467F
Brand : Elc
Générateur de fonctions.
0,1Hz - 5MHz.
- Fréquencemètre réciproque interne ou externe 50MHz.
- Grande qualité des signaux.
- Sortie 50 Ohm et TTL protégée contre les réinjections de
tension de ±60V.
- Rapport cyclique variable continûment sur toutes les gammes.
- Offset indépendant de l'atténuateur.
- Balayage interne lin. ou log. et vobulation externe VCF ou FM.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


• Triangle. sine. square. ramp. implus. offset. internal linear or logarithmic
sweep. external VCF or FM modulation.
• Frequency range : 0.1 Hz to 5 MHz in 8 ranges.
• Frequency adjustment : coarse setting button + fine control
(10% of coarse setting).

Waveform characteristics
• Sine-wave distortion : < 1% and harmonics less than < -30 dB
• Triangle linearity error : 1% max (up to 100 KHz).
• Square-wave signal rise or fall times : 30 ns max (10 to 90%).

Main output
(Protected against short circuits and up to ±60 V reverse power surges)
• Output impedance : 50Ω. accuracy : ± 5%.
• Output level : 20V peak to peak (open circuit).
10V peak to peak into 50Ω.

TTL output
(Protected against short circuit and up to ±60 V reverse power surges)
• Synchronous square-wave signal 0 to 5 Volts. Fan-out : > 10.
• Rise and fall times : < 20 ns.

Frequency counter
• Frequency range : 0 to 50 MHz in 8 automatic ranges.
Reciprocal reading for very low frequencies.

Class II. Toroidal Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) Transformer.
Complies with EN 61010-1. overvoltage category II. pollution
degree 2.

Complies with EN 61326-1.
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
64-Max output voltage (V) 20Vpp
45-PC interface RS-232
61-Wobulation (Y/N) Yes
70-Additional output (TTL and CMOS) TTL
60-Waveforms (Type) Sinus | Square | Triangle | Pulse | Sweep | Ramp
59-Frequency Range (Hz) 5 MHz
119-Safety Level CAT I | CAT II
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT_II
67-Display/resolution 5 digits
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 90x218x238 mm
13-Net Weight 2.3 kg
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