Electro PJP | Wheel-e Diag Kit

Continuity kit for DIAG, with Wheel-e 30m & Perchedia

Electro PJP
Reference : PJPWHEEL-E-Diag-Kit
Serie : Wheel-e, Wheele, wheel-e v2, perchedia kit,
Brand : Electro PJP
Le kit de continuité dédié aux diagnostiqueurs immobilier:
Inclus une perchette télescopique Perchedia (longueurs fermé/ouvert: 50/80 cm).
L'enrouleur/contrôleur de continuité tout-en-un !
Contrôleur de continuité intégré sur enrouleur 30m
- Conforme EN61557
- Compensation des cordons de mesure
- Inversion automatique des polarités
- Mesure de continuité sous 200 mA
- Seuil de continuité (buzzer désactivable) < ou = à 2 Ohm
- Indication de tensions dangereuses: écran couleur rouge + valeur de la tension
- Longueur/type de câble: 30m, PVC 1 mm²
- Grande automonie
- Connecteurs bananes diam.4mm.
- Ecran LCD.
- Coque double en ABS injecté.
- Guide-câble intégré.
- Câble remplaçable par l'utilisateur.
Fourni avec certificat de métrologie
Plus de 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

The hybrid reel-tester


• New on v2: built-in cable-guide.
• One single button for all the functions.
• Blue / red backlight to test at first glance if OK or not.
• Loud beep to test if OK or not withou t looking at the LCD.
• Mute the beep not to disturb some areas (offices).
• About 10000 checkings with the 4 AA batteries.
• Calibrate yourself periodically.
• Hanging banana plug. the wire can't unreel unintentionally.
• Replace yourself the wire if worn just by unscrewing the flange.
• Compensate at 0 Ω for the resistances of the accessories.
• 30 meter-long wire to operate far from the equipotentiality reference.
• Wear it on the waist to free your hands and take care of your neck and back.
• "AUX" socket  to test unplugged appliances while keeping connected to the reference.

• New on v2: indicate the dangerous voltage by displaying of a red color and the value (the v1 version had only the red color).
• Self-reversing of the polarities (compliant with EN 61557-4).
• Measuring range 0.00 Ω to 20.0 Ω (resolution 0.01 Ω).
• Current 200 mA DC (compliant with EN 61557-4).
• Voltage between 4 V and 6 V (compliant with EN 61557-4).
• Provided with verification certificate.
• Accuracy ±10 % ±0.02 Ω from 0.50 Ω to 2.00 Ω.

• 600 V~ CAT III. • 300 V~ CAT IV.
• IP2X.
• Class 2.
• Voltage warning.
• Removable 0.5 A fuse.
• 1 mm² PVC 2-jacket wire.
• Protection verified by French accredited external laboratory (LCIE).

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty Warranty depends of references
749-*Warranty details 1 year warranty on the Wheel-e3 months for accessories & pole
36-Additional Characteristics Built-in cable-guideIndicate the dangerous voltage (red color on screen + voltage value)PVC cableBuilt-in continuity tester with sonorous beepBuilt-in cable resistance compensation
132-Package includes 1x 30m Wheel-e with all accessories (1 adater, 1 twisted test lead, 1 alligator clip, 1 touch point, 1 calibration certificate, user manual), +1x Perchedia telescopic continuity pole
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) Cable length: 30m
13-Net Weight 1.8 kg
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