Fluke | 1662

Installation tester: continuity, RCD test, insulation, earth by loop

Reference : FLU1662
Serie : 1660, 1652C, 1663, 1664FC, 166x
Purchase Order Reference : FLK-1662 SCH
Brand : Fluke
Nouveau cordon prise secteur avec "pod" spécial de connexion.
Conformités: EN61557/VDE0413/NFC15-100.
Mesure de continuité sous 250 mA & 10mA
Contrôle des disjoncteurs différentiels A, AC - calibres: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 650 mA et 1 A
Mesure d'isolement sous une tension d'essai de 500 V
Mesure de terre par méthode des boucles, avec ou sans déclenchement des disjoncteurs
Mesure de tension 

- Simplicité : tournez le bouton rotatif, appuyez sur le bouton de test et lisez le résultat
- Sécurité et facilité : Sonde de télécommande déportée, pas de menus
- Confort : compacité et légèreté (moins de 1,2 kg) pour une utilisation quotidienne 
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Fluke  1662


The Fluke 1662 gives you Fluke reliability. simple operation and all the testing power you need for day-in. day-out installation testing.

The 1662 puts more power in your hands by quickly and efficiently testing to all local regulations.

  • Continuity at 250mA & 10mA
  • Voltage & frequency
  • Wiring polarity checker. detects broken N wires
  • Insulation resistance
  • Continuity & resistance
  • Measure motor windings with continuity test
  • Loop & line resistance
  • Prospective earth fault current (PEFC/IK)
  • Prospective short-circuit current (PSC/IK)
  • RCD switching time
  • RCD tripping level (ramp test)
  • Measures trip time & current for RCD type A. AC in one test
  • RCD variable current
  • Automatic RCD test sequence
  • Phase sequence indicator
  • PC interface. reports... with optional FlukeView® Forms software kit (see options)

Package include
1 Fluke 1662 installation controller
1 padded neckstrap
6 1.5V LR06 (AA) batteries
1 remote control probe
1 set of 3 leads. 3 touch points & 3 alligator clips
(colors: red. green. blue)
1 schuko cord for tests in wall sockets
1 zero adapter
1 reinforced carrying hardcase
1 multi-languages user manual on CD
+ 1 quick guide in english
1 verification official report with measures table

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
103-Differential test (A) 10mA | 30mA | 100mA | 300mA | 500mA | 1000mA | 650mA | adjustable range
91-Leads compensation (Y/N) Yes
102-Method of Earth measurement (Type) Without rod
426-Measures Undervoltage | Outvoltage
94-Test voltage (V) 100 V | 250 V | 500 V | 1000 V
81-Insulation min (Ohm) 10 kOhm
101-Measure (Type) Earth | Continuity | differential test | Insulation
82-Insulation max (Ohm) 1 GOhm
80-Voltage measure max (V) 500 V AC
25-Autonomy nc
119-Safety Level CAT I | CAT II | CAT III
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT III 500 V
36-Additional Characteristics Phase sequence.RCD tripping current level (ramp test).Leads compensation.Complies with EN61557/VDE 0413/NFC 15-100.
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Verification official report (with measures table)
132-Package includes 1662 tester, 6 AA 1.5V batteries, 1 neck-strap, 1 set of test leads TL165x (3 leads, 3 touch points, 3 alligator clips), 1 remote probe with test button TP165x, 1 main test cord, 1 0 adapter, 1 carrying hardcase, 1 multilanguages user manual on CD, 1 quick ref guide in english, 1 verification official report+ OFFER, the FVF-SC2 Fluke software
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 100x250x125 mm (1662)260x390x200 mm (Hardcase)
13-Net Weight 1.3 kg (1662 only)
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