Fluke | BT520

Battery analyzer, Intelligent Test Probe Set, with extender and Attachable LED Flash

Reference : FLUBT520
Serie : BT500
Purchase Order Reference : FLUKE-BT520 (4489981)
Brand : Fluke
Une complexité d'essai réduite, un flux de travail simplifié et une interface utilisateur intuitive offrent un nouveau niveau de facilité d'utilisation dans les tests de batterie. 

Le la série 500 de testeurs Fluke sont les outils de test idéal pour l'entretien, le dépannage et les essais de performance des batteries individuelles et de batteries de sauvegarde (back-up). D'un format compact et robuste pour des performances optimales, les résultats des tests sont fiables et l'interface utilisateur est intuitive. La série Fluke 500 Analyseurs de batteries couvrent un large éventail des fonctions de test de batterie allant des tests de tension et de résistance DC aux tests de condition complète à l'aide d'un test de fonction de chaîne automatique et le système de mesure de température infrarouge intégré à la sonde de test. La série 500 Analyseurs de batteries sont conçus pour des mesures sur les batteries stationnaires de tous types.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
Measurement ModesBT510BT520BT521
Resistance (mΩ)
Battery voltage
Voltage DC
Voltage AC and frequency  (Hz)
Ripple volt
Temperature of negative battery post  
DC and AC current (and frequency)  
DMM mode
Sequence mode 
Discharge measurement mode
Automatic measurement  save
Wireless commumcation  
Memory view

Key measurements:

  • Battery resistance. DC and AC voltage. DC and AC current. ripple voltage. frequency and battery temperature.
  • Sequence measurement mode: automatic or manual sequence testing of battery strings with automatic measurement storage including voltage. resistance and temperature (with Intelligent Probe)
  • Comprehensive logging: all measured values are automatically captured during testing and can be reviewed on the instrument before downloading for on the-go analysis.
  • Optimized user interface: quick. guided setup ensures you’re capturing the right data every time. and the combined visual and audio feedback cues reduce the risk of measurement confusion.
  • Advanced analytical PC software: Battery Management Software delivers professional results through a straightforward Windows® interface. check the health of the system at a glance using set limits. maintain your library of battery test studies
  • Ergonomic Test leads: rugged coaxial two pole kelvin test pins with remote SAVE button reduce test time and increase efficiency
  • Test Probe extenders: Long reach probes for double stacked cells.
  • Intelligent Test Probe Set – supplied with the Fluke BT520 and BT521; includes integrated LCD display. verbal audio feedback. infrared temperature measurement (BT521 only). and captures voltage readings and temperature logging (BT521 only).
  • Multiple-functionality: covers all IEEE recommended battery test measurements; includes automated discharge testing function.
  • Wireless communication: for data download and remote display while measuring. Upon launch. the Fluke BT521 will be able to upload/download battery profile wirelessly to a mobile app called Fluke BA Mobile available in the Apple iTunes store. The app’s functionality is planned to be incorporated into the Fluke Connect mobile app soon. but is currently separate from Fluke Connect.
  • Battery Life: 7.4V 3000mAh Lithium-ion battery for more than eight hours continuous operation
  • Easy storage and carrying: convenient magnetic hanging strap with shoulder strap for simple daily use and innovative ‘hands-free’ carrying harness enables complete portability to reduce fatigue when measuring and maintaining long battery strings
  • USB Port: for fast data download to supplied Data Analysis and Report Management application software
  • Highest safety rating in the industry: 600 VAC CAT III. 1.000 VDC CAT II rated for safe measurements all around the battery power supply equipment

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
503-Max. resistance range (Ohm) 3 Ohm
504-Min resistance range (Ohm) 3 mOhm
505-Voltage range (V) 1000 V DC, 600 V AC
36-Additional Characteristics Measurement Modes :- Resistance (mΩ)- Battery voltage- Voltage DC- Voltage AC and frequency (Hz)- Ripple volt- DMM mode- Sequence mode- Discharge measurement mode- Automatic measurement save- Memory view
132-Package includes BTL20 Intelligent Test Leads & ExtendersBTL10 Test LeadsMagnetic hang strapShoulder HarnessZero Ohm Calibration ResistorBC500 AC ChargerBTL-A Probe AdapterTL175 Test Leads4x Short Probe Tip Covers2x Extra Probe Tips2x Probe Lights100x Adhesive Paper Battery TagsLarge Soft CaseAC Line Cord
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 220 x 103 x 58
13-Net Weight 850 g
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