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Multimode Fiber Troubleshooter: locates high loss, breaks, high reflective,...

Fluke Networks
Reference : FLNFQMKIT
Serie : Fiber Quick Map
Purchase Order Reference : FQM-KIT
Brand : Fluke Networks
Testeur/localisateur de défaut de fibre optique Multimode.
Test les fibres jusqu'à 1.5km.
Méthode de test en un bouton.
Localisation de plusieurs utilisateurs dans le canal pour fournir une visibilité complète de toutes les liaisons et connexions éventuellement problématiques.
Localisation des incidents ou des interruptions à grande perte.
Localisation et mesure des incidents hautement réflectifs, entraînant une faible performance du réseau avec des taux d'erreurs de bit.
Fournis avec bobine amorce SC/LC de 50 µm, adaptateur LC interchangeable et sacoche de transport.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Fiber QuickMap™

One-button multimode fiber troubleshooter


  • One-button testing – can be used straight out of the box with no user-setup required
  • Six-second test time. eliminating blind troubleshooting that can last hours
  • Locate multiple incidents in the channel to provide full visibility of any potentially problematic links and connections
  • Locate high loss incidents or breaks. the most common causes of multimode fiber failure
  • Locate and measure high reflective incidents. which cause poor network performance with bit error rates
  • Various kit configurations include additional diagnostics tools such as power meters. sources. and fiber inspection microscopes to facilitate Fiber Best Practices and to boost the troubleshooting capability of technicians
  • Perfect data center cabling network tester



Operating temperature with the battery 0ºC to 50ºC
Non-operating temperature -20ºC to 60ºC
Operating relative humidity (without condensation) 95% (10ºC to 35ºC) 75% (35ºC to 40ºC) uncontrolled < 10ºC
Vibration Random. 5 Hz to 500 Hz. MIL-PRF-28800F CLASS 2
Shock 1 meter drop test
Altitude 3000m
EMC EN 61326-1: 2004
Battery type 2 AA alkaline batteries (no battery charger)
Battery life 1500 tests (typical)
Laser safety Class 1 CDRH Complies to EN 60825-2
LCD type Backlit black and white (segments)
Index of refraction range 1.45 to 1.5 (factory default is 1.496)
Auto turn off Automatically turns off after 5 minutes if no keys are pressed. Backlight turns off first.
Factory calibration interval None
Output wavelengths 850 nm ± 10 nm
Laser classification Class 1 CDRH Complies to EN 60825-2
Dynamic range >11 dB
Maximum distance 1500 meters or 4921 feet
Maximum number of incidents shown 9
Distance accuracy (0 m to 1500 m or 0 ft to 4921 ft) ± (1 m + 0.1 % x length) for reflective incidents1 ± (3 m + 0.1 % x length) for non-reflective incidents2
Testing speed < 6 seconds typical
Connector Removable/cleanable SC adapter. UPC polish
Fiber types tested 50/125 µm or 62.5/125 µm multimode
Detection of reflective incidents3 -35 dB default threshold (User selectable: -20 dB to -45 dB in 5 dB increments)
Reflectance accuracy4 ± 4 dB
Maximum reflectance measurement -20 dB
Detection of loss incidents5 0.70 dB default threshold (user-configurable from 0.5 dB to 6.1 dB in 0.2 dB increments)
Bulkhead quality If no fiber is attached or if the connector is dirty. the troubleshooter displays 0 m or 0 ft.
Live fiber detection Detects optical signals from 600 nm to 1050 nm and shows ACTIVE LINE if a signal is there. Looks for a signal every 3 seconds after the first detec-tion. +7 dB maximum input power.
Certifications and compliance     Conforms to relevant European Union
    Conforms to relevant Australian standards
   Listed by the Canadian Standards Association CSA
               C22.2 No. 61010.1.04
   Conforms to FCC Rules. Part A. Class A


1. ± user-configurable Index of Refraction (IOR) error ± the incident location error. Incident location error for reflective incidents: ±1 m from 1 m to 1.5 km.
2. ± user-configurable Index of Refraction (IOR) error ± the incident location error. Incident location error for non-reflective incidents: ±2 m for lengths £15 m. otherwise ±1 m.
3. Finds and gives the location of an incident that has a reflectance larger than -55 dB. Detects incidents >1m after the bulkhead connector when the bulkhead reflectance is <35 dB. Detects incidents >3 m after an incident when the incident reflectance is <35 dB.
4. With a backscatter coefficient of -63 dB at 850 nm using a calibrated -14 dB reference.
5. Detects incidents >10 m after the bulkhead connector or any prior incident when the bulkhead reflectance is <-35 dB and the reflectance of any prior incident is <-35 dB. The maximum link loss prior to the incident is <7 dB.

Product Details
322-Fiber type Multimode
132-Package includes SC/LC 50 µm Launch Fiber, interchangeable LC Adapter, carrying pouch, user manual
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