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Telephone test set, with ABN, 1 way speaker

Fluke Networks
Reference : FLNTS25D
Purchase Order Reference : 25501009
Brand : Fluke Networks
Combiné d'essai à fiches à pointes obliques.
Pour tester et rechercher les pannes des lignes téléphoniques et de données.
Identification/présentation d'appel.
Filtrage DSL/POTS.
Générateur de tonalité analogique.
Pile conversation.
Haut-parleur amplifié unidirectionnel.
Détection des données en continu en mode écoute discrète.
Test de continuité.
Numérotation automatique.
Visualisation des polarités en mode conversation et écoute discrète.
Sonnerie audible pour les retours d'appel.
Rappel du dernier numéro.
Cordons remplaçables.
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

TS®25D Test Sets

The TS®25D features data lockout and lockout override. and a large LCD.
TS25D Test Sets

At a Glance
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting Caller ID
  • Amplified speakers for hands-free monitoring
  • Data lockout and data lockout override
  • Tone generator for wire identification
  • Talk Battery to power voice conversation on dry (non-powered) lines
  • Easy to read oversized liquid crystal display

Product Capabilities
Thisfeature-rich test set is a necessity for a variety of installs. TheTS25D Test Set features data lockout and lockout override. making youcompletely safe in talk or monitor mode. The DSL/POTS filteringtechnology allows you to safely draw dial tone without downing DSL. Abuilt-in analog tone generator simplifies wire identification with aprobe. An amplified speaker makes monitoring the line hands-free. soyou can keep working. The talk battery function provides voltage tocarry voice conversation on non-powered pairs. All in a compact unitwith an oversized robust liquid crystal display (LCD) that makes theintuitive. common-sense menus easy-to-read and use.

Features data lockout. lockout override and a large LCD

The TS®25D Test Set top features include:
  • Caller ID and call-waiting caller-ID (on N. American phone systems)
  • Data lockout and data lockout override
  • DSL/POTS filtering technology lets you safely draw dial tone from apair that is carrying voice and ADSL without downing the ADSL service
  • Built-in analog tone generator for tracing and identifying wires with a probe
  • DTMF digit grabbing capability
  • Talk battery to supply power to non-powered (dry) pairs to carry voice conversation
  • Row/column tones for single tone dialing
  • High voltage Lockout/Low voltage Lockout
  • Continual data detection in monitor mode
  • Over voltage and over current protection
  • Amplified speaker for hands-free monitoring
  • Programmable phonebook stored in non-volatile memory
  • Speed dial (10 memories. 23 digits each)
  • Selectable flash and pause duration
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery included
Return Loss

>14 dB (ref 600 Ω)

DC Resistance
150 Ω nominal
>1 MΩ

AC Impedance


600 Ω nominal; 300 Hz to 3400 Hz
>120 kΩ; 300 Hz to 3400 Hz

Rotary Dial Output

Pulsing Rate

10 pps ±1 pps

Break/Make Ratio



>300 ms

Interval Resistance During Break

>100 kΩ

DTMF Output

Tone Frequency Error

±1.5 % maximum

Tone Level

–1 dBm combined (typical)

High versus Low Tone difference

2 dB ± 2 dB

Memory Dialing

Memory Capacity

10 speed dial memories plus one last number redial memory

Digit Capacity

23 digits per memory

Pause Duration

User programmable Default: 4 seconds

Hook Flash Duration

User programmable Default: 600 ms

Automatic Speaker Shut Off Duration

User programmable TS25D default: 5 minutes TS25D CO default: 2 minutes


9 V alkaline or lithium battery



7.8 in x 2.7 in x 1.6 in (20 cm x 6.8 cm x 4 cm)


10 ounces (284 g)


Temperature Range Operating

32°F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C)


-40 °F to 150 °F (-40 °C to 65 °C)


Up to 10.000 ft (3.000 m)

Relative Humidity

5 % to 95 %

Certifications and Compliance

Conformité Européenne. Conforms to relevant European Union directives.

Notes  Specifications subject to change without notice. This product has been safety certified for indoor use only.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
539-Display (Y/N) Yes
  • DTMF.
  • Verrouillage des données avec annulation du verrouillage.
  • Haut-parleur amplifié unidirectionnel.
  • Identification/présentation d'appel.
  • Rappel du dernier numéro.
  • Filtre DSL/POTS.
  • Indication/mesure de tension.
  • Indication/mesure de courant.
540-DSL (ADSL/POTS...) filters (Y/N) Yes
36-Additional Characteristics Built-in analog tone generator.DSL/POTS filtering.
132-Package includes ABN cord, battery, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 200x68x40 mm
13-Net Weight 284 g
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