How to choose a sonometer


We offer you this glossary for better understanding of this guide.

Noise is a representation of a small variation in pressure around atmospheric pressure. It can be caused by many different things and is therefore present everywhere around us. We can measure the sound level meter with a microphone which converts the pressure fluctuations in voltage variation .

It may be necessary to measure the sound level for various reasons. it is necessary to choose the meter to be used depending on the application you want to do .

A sound level meter can be used both in building and in industry or in occupational medicine . In these three areas . it is possible to make a rough measurement or regulatory action .

As part of a regulatory measure . equipment class 1 LNE ( National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing) certified is required.

Class 2 equipment is suitable for a normative among other measures .

Ungraded devices are used to provide an indication of the noise level and can under no circumstances agree to a normative or regulatory action.

Classes are defined by the IEC 61672 :

Uncertainty< 1.5 dB1.5 < I <3 db="" td="">> 3 dB (Indication)

To ensure accurate measurements equipment class 1 & 2. it is preferable to use a calibrator of the same class as your meter . Also in order to increase the measurement accuracy . it is preferable to place the meter on a tripod to reduce vibration due to our actions. For the same reason . a sound level meter with tactile keys will tend to be more accurate.

To ensure the sustainability of use of the equipment it is nevertheless necessary to always calibrate your equipment according to the period recommended by the manufacturer .

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