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Toughened Glass Stress Viewer

Merlin Lazer
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Purchase Order Reference : TGSV
Brand : Merlin Lazer
Le détecteur de stress sur verre trempé/renforcé Merlin Lazer est un outil simple à utiliser pour montrer les contraintes et déformations qui sont présentes dans le verre trempé. 

Cette procédure de test rapide et facile permet de détecter rapidement si le verre est trempé et si il a été soumis à des contraintes. Elle peut être utilisée sur des feuilles simples à la fois de verre clair et à motifs.
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Quick quote for this product

Typical Users:

Glass Merchants

With the use of the device glass merchants can quickly test pieces of glass as they come in from suppliers to ascertain whether or not they are toughened. The tool is also useful for testing glass of unknown origin to check if it possible to cut the glass without breakage.

Glass & Unit Manufacturers

The Merlin Lazer Toughened Glass Stress Viewer is an invaluable quality control tool that enables the user to immediately verify that a piece of glass has been through the toughening process before dispatch or further assembly into a glazed unit.

Furniture manufactures & resellers

With much of the glass present in furniture often unmarked and coming from abroad it is important that all parties involved have a simple test which allows them to determine if the glass has been through a toughening process.

Other users:

  • Risk assessors
  • Trading Standards
  • Building Control
  • Building Surveyors

Simple To Use:

To test the glass just place its edge into the middle of the viewer. If the glass has been subjected to a toughening process then very clear lines of stress will be seen in the glass. If however the glass has not been through a toughening process no pattern will be visible.

In situations where it is not possible to slide the unit over the edge of the glass to be tested the unit can be separated by the removal of two lugs and simply held opposite each other to view the reading making this an ideal tool in any situation.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
432-Measurements types Toughened glass
433-Glass type Single glazed
132-Package includes nc
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) nc
13-Net Weight nc
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