Multi-Contact | SPP4-S/F

Diam.4mm test probe 1000V CAT_II, 1A

Reference : MCTSPP4-S/F
Brand : Multi-Contact
Pointe de touche avec connecteur femelle diam.4mm.
Pointe en acier spécial très effilée.
La pointe se rétracte sous la pression.
Longueur de la pointe: 8 mm.
Diamètre de la pointe: Forme conique, diam. 0.9mm à 0.4mm.
Tension assignée: 1000V, CAT_II.
Courant assigné: <1A.
Couleur: noir (d'autres couleurs disponibles en option).
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Safety test probe with a stainless steel needle. Spring-loaded and reacts resiliently under light pressure. Ø 4mm safety socket in handle for accepting
Ø 4mm safety leads or any other Ø 4mm Multilam plug. Handle guard chamfered on both sides (anti-roll form). Supplied with protective cap to prevent injury and enable non-slip contacting of individual IC legs (2.54 grid).

Rated voltage: 1000V. CAT_III.
Color: black (other colours in option).

Product Details
156-Rated voltage (V) 1000V
155-Rated current (A) 1 A
119-Safety Level CAT II
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT_II 1000V
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