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4 channels PT100-PT1000, resistance, voltage data logger

Pico Technology
Reference : PICPT104
Serie : data logger
Purchase Order Reference : PP682
Brand : Pico Technology
Enregistreur 4 voies pour sondes de température PT100 et PT1000.
Peut mesurer aussi des résistances (4 fils) et des tensions (différentielles).
Fonctionne avec toutes les sondes PT100 et PT1000 avec connecteur Mini-DIN (voir sondes en option) ou en filaire 2 à 4 fils (Adaptateur Mini-DIN vers bornier à vis en option).
Aucune alimentation externe n'est nécessaire (alimenté via le port USB ou Ethernet en PoE).
Plusieurs unités peuvent être branché sur un seul ordinateur.
Expédié sous 1 semaine
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


Platinum Resistance Data Logger


The PT-104 is a four-channel temperature measuring data logger. It offers the ultimate in resolution (0.001 °C) and accuracy (0.015 °C). Along with temperature it can also be used to measure resistance and voltage.


  • Measures temperature. resistance and voltage
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Works with PT100 and PT1000 sensors
  • Supports 2. 3 and 4-wire sensors
  • No power supply required
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Run multiple units on a single PC


Accuracy and resolution

Although accurate temperature sensors are widely available. it has been difficult to take advantage of them due to errors caused by the measuring device. Your PT-104 however. is inherently accurate due to its innovative design. Rather than relying on voltage references (which tend to be temperature sensitive) it uses ‘reference’ resistors which are extremely stable (low temperature coefficient and drift). The exact value of each resistor is stored in an EEPROM to provide the ultimate in accuracy (yearly recalibration is recommended). A high-performance 24-bit ADC is used to achieve the 0.001 °C resolution.


The PT-104 measures temperature using platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs). Both common industry standards (PT100 and PT1000) are supported. The unit is compatible with two. three and four-wire sensors (four-wire PT100 sensors are recommended for accurate measurements). A wide range of PT100 sensors are available for use with your PT-104.


When measuring resistance. the PT-104 uses a four-wire circuit to give the greatest possible accuracy.

Two resistance ranges are available (0 to 375 Ω and 0 to 10.000 Ω). The unit is calibrated for 0 to 375 Ω so this range should be used for accurate measurements.


For voltage measurements. each input connector can be treated as a differential input with ground. or two single-ended inputs. Both inputs must be zero volts or above. though it does not matter which input has the higher voltage.

Two voltage ranges are available (0 to 115 mV and 0 to 2500 mV). For the most accurate measurements use the 0 to 2500 mV range.


The PT100 data logger is supplied with PicoLog data logging software. PicoLog will automatically detect which sensor is connected and will display readings in the correct units.

Also supplied is a software development kit. The SDK contains a range of software drivers and example code that you can use to write your own software or to use your PT-104 data logger with third-party software.

But I need to measure more channels…

The PT-104 is capable of measuring up to 4 channels at once. Need more channels? No problem. Using PicoLog you can connect up to 20 PT-104s to one PC — giving you a potential 80-channel PT100 data logger. Alternatively you can use your PT-104 logger with up to 19 other Pico data loggers. such as the PicoLog 1000 multichannel data logger. to create your own custom data acquisition system.

The ultimate in portability

With both USB and Ethernet interfaces the PT-104 can be used in a variety of situations. If you need a portable solution that can be used at various locations and is fast to set up and use. simply connect your laptop to the PT-104 by USB. Need to monitor a situation over a period of hours or days. or from a remote location? Plug your PT-104 into a spare port on your network and then access it remotely either from your LAN or over the internet (using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology means that you don’t even need a separate power supply).

When accuracy is paramount the PT-104 is what you need

The PT-104 platinum resistance data logger gives you the ultimate in resolution and accuracy. You can use it to measure temperature. voltage and resistance. Having both USB and Ethernet interfaces gives you the choice of how you connect and power your PT-104. along with the ability to access the PT-104 remotely over a LAN or the internet. When the accuracy of your temperature measurements is paramount the PT-104 is what you need.



SensorPT100. PT1000n/an/a
Range–200 to +800 °C0 to 375 Ω
0 to 10 kΩ
0 to 115 mV
0 to 2.5 V
Accuracy (at 23 ±2 °C)0.015 °C
+ 0.01% of reading
20 ppm at 100 Ω0.4%
Temperature coefficient5 ppm/°C5 ppm/°C100 ppm/°C
RMS noise with filter0.01 °C10 ppm10 ppm
Resolution0.001 °C1 µΩ0.156 µV
Overload protection±30 V
Number of inputs4
Converter resolution24 bits
Conversion time720 ms per channel
Input connectors4-pin mini-DIN
Input impedance>1 MΩ
Output connectorsUSB and Ethernet
PC requirements
MinimumProcessor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MiB
Free disk space: 32–bit: 600 MB. 64–bit: 1.5 GB
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP (SP3). Vista. Windows 7. Windows 8 (not Windows RT) or Windows 10
Ports: USB 1.1 or Ethernet.
RecommendedProcessor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MiB
Free disk space: 32–bit: 850 MB. 64–bit: 2 GB
Operating system: 32– or 64–bit edition of Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 8 (not Windows RT) or Windows 10
Ports: USB 1.1 (or higher) or Ethernet
Operating environment
Temperature range
Humidity range

0 °C to 70 °C (20°C to 30°C for quoted accuracy)
20% to 90% RH. non-condensing
Storage environment
Temperature range

-20 to +80°C
5 to 95% RH. non–condensing
Physical properties
Dimensions184 x 135 x 36 mm  (approx 5.31 x 7.24 x 1.42 in)
Weight350 g (approx 12.3 oz)
PicoLog for WindowsPicoLog data acquisition software can collect up to 1 million samples. Features include:
Multiple views — view data as a graph. spreadsheet or text
Parameter scaling — convert raw data into standard engineering units
Math functions — use mathematical equations to calculate additional parameters
Alarm limits — program an alert if a parameter goes out of a specified range
IP networking — transfer measurements via a LAN or over the internet
Operating systems supported — Microsoft Windows XP (SP3) to Windows 10 (not Windows RT).
PicoLog languagesFull support for — English. Français. Deutsch
Menus and dialogs only for — Italiano. Español. Svenska
Software Development KitIncludes example code.
Optional free softwareDrivers for Linux and OS X.
Documentation languages
User's guide
Programmer's guide
English. Français. Deutsch. Italiano. Español
Additional hardware (supplied)USB 2.0 cable. Ethernet cable. user manuals. software CD-ROM
PC interfaceUSB 1.1 (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible) or Ethernet
Power requirementsPowered from USB port or Ethernet
ComplianceEuropean EMC and LVD standards
FCC Rules Part 15 Class A
RoHS compliant
Total satisfaction guaranteeIn the event that this product does not fully meet your requirements you can return it for an exchange or refund. To claim. the product must be returned in good condition within 14 days.
Warranty5 years
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 5 YEARS
489-Parameters logged Temperature | Voltage
638-PC connexion Wired/Physical
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet
764-Temp/Hum sensors External (For temp. probe(s))
110-Min measure range (°C) Depends of probe used
765-Applications Other
111-Max measure range (°C) Depends of the thermocouple probe used
637-Supply type auto supplied
36-Additional Characteristics 8 channels.Can measure resistances or differential voltages.
132-Package includes PT-104, USB cable, RJ45 straight cable, software, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 184x135x36 mm
13-Net Weight 350 g
653-Windows compatible Yes
654-iOS compatible No
655-Android compatible No
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