Switchable passive voltage probe, 55/300 V, 1:1/10:1, 20/150 MHz, 10MOhm, 13/78 pF

Reference : PMKPMS221A
Serie : PMS
Purchase Order Reference : 820-221-A00
Brand : PMK
Sonde de tension passive.
Tension d'entrée max.: 55 V (20MHz), 300V (150MHz).
Bande passante: 20 MHz (1:1), 150 MHz (10:1).
Impédance d'entrée: 10 MOhm.
Atténuation: 1:1, 10:1.
Capacité d'entrée: 13 pF (10:1), 78 pF (1:1).
Longueur de câble: 1.2m.
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Quick quote for this product
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
14-Bandwidth (Hz) 20MHz (1:1), 150MHz (10:1)
17-Input capacitance (pF) 13pF (10:1), 78pF (1:1)
650-Connector type BNC
16-Maximum input Voltage (V) 55V (20MHz), 150V (150MHz)
48-Rise Time (s) 18ns max
15-Input Impedance (Ohm) 10MOhm
12-Probe Attenuation (X) 1X | 10X
52-Cable Length 1.2 m
36-Additional Characteristics Switchable attenuation x1 or x10
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