Advanced accessories 2.5mm pack for passive probes

Reference : PMKTPA2.5ADV
Serie : TPA
Purchase Order Reference : 899-170-A02
Brand : PMK
Cordon de masse avec pince crocodile 15cm
Crochet à ressort 2.5mm
Embout de contact rigide 0.5mm
Embout de contact à ressort 0.5mm
Capuchon isolant 2.5mm
Adaptateur BNC 2.5mm
Outil de réglage
Ressort de masse 2.5mm
Jeu de 3 anneaux de couleurs
kit d'adaptation PCB 2.5mm
Lame de masse 2.5mm
Pads Cu adhésif 2x2cm
Capuchon IC vert 2.5-0.5mm
Capuchon IC bleu 2.5-0.65mm
Capuchon IC gris 2.5-0.8mm
Capuchon IC marron 2.5-1.0mm
Capuchon IC noir 2.5-1.27mm
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
Product Details
132-Package includes Ground lead 15cm, sprung hook 2.5mm, rigid tip 0.5mm, spring tip 0.5mm, insulating cap 2.5mm, BNC adapter 2.5mm, trimmer tool T, ground spring 2.5mm, colour coding Rings 3x4 color, PCB adapter Kit 2.5, ground blade 2.5, self adhesive Cu pads 2x2 cm, IC cap 2.5-0.5 green, IC cap 2.5-0.65 blue, IC cap 2.5-0.8 grey, IC cap 2.5-1.0 brown, IC cap 2.5-1.27 black
13-Net Weight nc
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