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Fibre-Coaxial DOCSIS 3.0 & 3.1 analyzer

Reference : PROCableRanger
Serie : PROMAX-37L, CableRanger
Purchase Order Reference : CableRanger
Brand : Promax
Analyseurs de CATV.
Il offre toutes les mesures nécessaires pour travailler dans les réseaux hybrides complexes de fibre et câble coaxial actuels.
Comprend une entrée pour les mesures optiques: permet aux techniciens d’effectuer des mesures de puissance optique, et grâce au convertisseur optique RF incorporé de prendre toutes les mesures RF liés à RFoG.
Compatible DOCSIS 3.0 et 3.1.
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


Fibre-Coaxial DOCSIS analyzer

The CABLE RANGER is the latest introduction in our CATV analyzer product range. It offers all measurements required working with today’s complex hybrid fibre and coaxial networks.

HFC networks use more and more fiber every time. CABLE RANGER includes an optical measurement input allowing field technicians not only to perform optical power measurements but also to do all the RFoG related RF measurements thanks to the built-in optical to RF converter. In this mode optical power measurement is shown together with the rest of the RF measurements.

RFoG (Radiofrequency-over-Glass) is used more and more by CATV operators because it allows them to benefit from the advantages of fiber optics to compete with FTTH service providers.

CABLE RANGER is designed to be very easy to use yet offering all measurements required working with today’s complex hybrid fiber and coaxial networks. CABLE RANGER operation is easy and it is based in a touch screen graphical menu. A direct access ‘home’ button helps you return to a main menu page no matter what function were you using.

TUNING RANGEFrom 5 to 1700 MHz (1200 MHz/DOCSIS. 1700 MHz/DOCSIS 3.1)
FUNCTIONSScreenshots. Photo gallery. Datalogger. Web browser
RF power meter
External cable modem connection
Digital QAM / Analog TV analysis
Upstream test generator
Input AC/DC voltmeter
FUNCTIONS FIBRE (1100-1700 nm)Optical power meter
Optical to RF converter
DOCSIS analysis
TV analysis
INPUTS AND OUTPUTSRF input (F male socket)
External cable modem (F male socket)
USB type A
Mini USB
Optical input (SC-APC)
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
220-Signals Cable
400-Picture mode No
216-Frequency min (Hz) 5 MHz
215-Frequency max (Hz) 1700 MHz
217-Measurement (type) C/N (Ratio carrier/noise) | BER | MER | Measurement plane | Spectrum analysis | Level
223-Power/Level measurement -50 to +60 dBmV
224-TV picture na
188-Display 7" color TFT LCD touch-screen display
36-Additional Characteristics IPTV analyser (television over IP)VoIP analyser (voice over IP)IP reportPing testRatio of lost packetsConstellation diagram
132-Package includes AC (main) and car chargers/power supplies, F/female-F/female input adapter, Carrying holster & hardcase, quicke ref guide, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 185x290x65 mm
13-Net Weight 1.6 kg
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