Promax | HD Ranger Eco

HD TV field strength meter, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, DVB-S/S2, HD pictures, triple 7" display

Serie : TV EXPLORER, PRODIG, hd ranger, ranger neo
Purchase Order Reference : HD Ranger Eco
Brand : Promax
Mesureur de champ pour TV HD.
Grand écran 7" 16:9.
Ecran "triple-fenêtre": Peut afficher en simultané l'analyse spectrale, les mesures (BER, MER, .....) et l'image.
Compatible SD & HD (mesures et images).
Mesureur câble (DVB-C & C2), satellite (DVB-S & S2) & terrestre (DVB-T & T2).
Décodage vidéo: MPEG-2 et MPEG-4 H.264
Décodage audio: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AAC
Format vidéo: SD (définition standard) et HD (haute définition)
Résolution vidéo: 1080i, 720p et 576i.
Fournis en standard avec sacoche souple avec pare-soleil (DC-302)
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product


The HD RANGER Eco is a universal field strength meter that covers a comprehensive mix of broadcast standards around the globe. The latest developments in broadcast technology such as DVB-T2/C2/S2. DVB-T/C/S with MPEG-2 as well as MPEG-4 video are managed effortlessly within the product.

One of the most noticeable and stunning features on the new HD RANGER Eco product is the ultra fast spectrum analyser. As soon as you use the analyser you will experience this outstanding feature as one of the major changes we have adopted in the new product allowing you to sweep faster and more accurately.

The introduction of the latest technology within the product allows you to display multiple screens either overlapped together or in a 7” split screen format.


  • DVB-T. DVB-T2
  • DVB-C. DVB-C2
  • DVB-S. DVB-S2. DVB-S2 multistream
  • DSS
  • Universal RF connector 75 Ω
  • Analog Video/Audio input
  • USB for data transferring
  • Constellation diagram
  • Dynamic echoes analysis
  • StealthID (instant identification of tuning parameters)
  • PLS (Physical Layer Scrambling)
  • Ultra fast spectrum analyser (90 ms sweeping time) with MAX/MIN hold
  • FM radio measurements and decoding
  • Screenshots and Datalogger for measurement reports
  • DVB-S2 multistream
  • Field strength
  • Task planner
  • NetUpdate 4 (free software)
  • Free and automatic firmware updates
  • User customised channel plans
  • Measurement reports and screenshots
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
220-Signals Cable | Satellite | Terrestrial
562-Antenna hunting TNT | Digital satellite | Analog satellite | Analog terrestrial
566-Digital display on DVB-C | DVB-S | DVB-S2 | DVB-T | DVB-T2 | DVB-C2
400-Picture mode Yes
216-Frequency min (Hz) 5 MHz
563-HD display Yes
215-Frequency max (Hz) 2150 MHz
564-Measures on Analog signal | Digital signal
217-Measurement (type) C/N (Ratio carrier/noise) | BER | MER | Spectrum analysis | Level
565-Analog display for Cable | Terrestrial
567-HD measurement DVB-C | DVB-S2 | DVB-T | DVB-T2 | DVB-C2
568-HD display DVB-S2 | DVB-T | DVB-T2 | DVB-C2
223-Power/Level measurement 130 dBµV
224-TV picture
  • Affichage aussi en SD qu'en HD sur les types suivants:
  • Terrestre analogique: Oui
  • Terrestre numérique: Oui
  • satellite analogique: Non
  • satellite numérique: Oui
  • Affichage de certains types de programmes MPEG-4
188-Display Color TFT display, 16:9, 7", "3-windows"
36-Additional Characteristics Compatible with DVB-S2, C2 & T2SD & HD picture & measures.Fast spectral analysis (90ms)."3-windows" large display
132-Package includes RCA-Jack cable adapter, Set of F/BNC/DIN/H adapters, USB cord, Car charger, AC charger, strap, softcase, user manual
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 185x290x65 mm
13-Net Weight 1.9 kg
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