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Reference : PROProlite-77
Purchase Order Reference : Prolite-77
Brand : Promax
Analyseur optique portatif pour systèmes FTTx/PON, optimisé pour larchitecture GPON.
Mesures filtrées et individuelles pour chaque longueur donde (1310, 1610 en Upstream et 1310, 1490, 1550 en Downstream).
Jusquà 10 groupes de valeurs de seuil configurables: Valeur maximale et minimale pour chaque longueur donde.
Haute sélectivité dans la mesure de chaque longueur donde.
Mesures relatives : Estimation des pertes par rapport à une valeur de référence configurable. 
Évolutif avec module OTDR et module analyseur de canaux.
Test datténuation. Filtres sélectifs sur les trois longueurs dondes.
Longueurs d'ondes:
ONT: 1310 ±40 nm (GPON); 1625 ±50 nm (RFoG).
OLT: 1490 ±10 nm et 1550 ±10 nm.
Marge dynamique:
ONT: -30 dBm - +10 dBm.
OLT: -50 dBm - +20 dBm.
Source: 850 nm; -2dBm (Monomode).
Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

The PROLITE-77 is an instrument optimized for analysis. installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks based on GPON architecture (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networkit). that is. networks based on technology FTTX / PON. that provide speed over 1 Gbps. The instrument provides filtered measurements. individualized and simultaneous for the three wavelengths that are used in fiber (1490 and 1550 nm for Downstream and 1310 nm for Upstream). It provides quick access to all options of the instrument by means of a straightforward graphical interface very easy-to-use.

The PROLITE-77 provides a Visible Fault Locator that emits a laser light that is helpful. for example to identify a particular fiber. the location of breaks or cuts. macrobendings. damaged or dirty connectors... Any mistake or problem at the installation is identified efficiently with this function.
- FTTH Portable Analyser capable of measuring simultaneously three wavelengths (1310. 1490 and 1550 nm) in FTTH / PON systems and optimized for GPON architecture.
- Pass-through connection between the emitter center (OLT) and home (ONT) allowing full communication between them during testing.
- Visible Fault Locator by laser emission.
- Upstream BURST Detection at 1310 nm.
- Possibility of modular expansion: OTDR Module and Channel Analyser Module.
- Data transfer to PC.
- Ideal for fieldwork: lightweight. resistant to adverse conditions and backlit.
- Graphical interface simple and very intuitive. easy-to-use.
- Ambidextrous cursor keys. softkeys and alphanumeric keypad.
- Connectors protected from dust and external elements by sliding lids built into the instrument.
- Rechargeable Li-On Batteries.


GPON/RFoG Measures

Operating wavelength range
Double band ONT input (Up.)

OLT Input (Downstream)
Insertion loss
Polarization dependent loss Isolation
1330 nm ~ 1490/1550 nm
1490 nm ~ 1550 nm
Optical connectors ONT. OLT
Internal fibre optic
Dinamic range
ONT Input
OLT Input

1310 ±40 nm (GPON)
1625 ±50 nm (RFoG)
1490 ±10 nm and 1550 ±10 nm

< 1.2 dB
< 0.2 dB
> 50 dB
> 50 dB

From -30 dBm to 10 dBm
From -50 dBm to 20 dBm
Fault locator
LASER type
Optical Power
Intensity modulation

850 nm
-2 dBm (Mono mode) / Class 2
1 Hz / 50%
2.5 mm universal receptacle
Power supply
Low battery indicator

Battery charge

Mains adapter charger

Li Ion
Graphic indication on the display. four levels

By fast internal charger

100 to 240 V AC/ 50-60 Hz / 12 V DC (European countries and other)
Mechanical features

W. 160 x H. 230 x D. 50 mm
1.4 kg
Included accessories

External DC power supply
Car lighter adapter
Carrying case
Mains cord
User’s manual
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
269-Type optical wattmeter | Optical source
270-Calibrated wavelengths (Powermeter)(nm) 1300 nm | 1310 nm | 1490 nm | 1550 nm
273-Accuracy (dBm) nc
276-Calibrated wavelengths (Source) (nm) 850 nm
271-Min input power (Powermeter)(dBm) -50 dBm(OLT); -30 dBm(ONT)
272-Max input power (Powermeter)(dBm) +20 dBm(OLT); +10 dBm(ONT)
275-Output power (Source)(dBm) -2 dbm
25-Autonomy 11 hours
36-Additional Characteristics FTTH complete analyze.Wavelength range: 1270 - 1350 nm (ONT); 1480 - 1500nm, 1535 - 1565 nm (OLT).
132-Package includes DC external power supply, power cord for car, power cord, carrying softcase, carrying hardcase, USB cable, PC software
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 230x160x50 mm
13-Net Weight 1.4 kg
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