TTI | I-prober 520

Positional current/field probe, 5mA-20A, DC-5MHz, BNC output

Reference : TTIIprober520
Purchase Order Reference : Iprober 520
Brand : TTI
Sonde de courant "pointe de touche", 5mA-20A, DC-5MHz, sortie BNC. 

Mesure de courant direct à partir du sondage isolé du conducteur.
Adaptées à l'observation et à la mesure du courant sur les pistes de circuit imprimé, les fils conducteurs des composants et les plaques de masse.
Connexion possible à n'importe quel oscilloscope.
Aucun besoin de disjoncter ou de contourner le conducteur.
Large plage dynamique 10 mA...20 A crête à crête.
Niveau de bruit faible équivalent à <6mA rms sur bande passante complète.
La sonde I-prober 520 est fournie avec un anneau à agrafe qui la convertit en pince de courant.
Capacités de mesure de champ électromagnétique.
Sécurité électrique à 300 V CAT II / 600 V CAT I.
Expédié sous 1 semaine
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
I-prober 520

Making PCB track current measurement a reality


Unlike any other current probe

The Aim I-prober 520 positional current probe is unlike any other current measurement device available.

Calibrated measurement of current normally requires the current to be passed through a closed magnetic loop. Typically this is done using some form of split clamp device. Whereas this is suitable for individual wires. it is of no use for measuring current in PCB tracks.

The I-prober 520 is a compact hand-held probe which is used with an oscilloscope. By placing the insulated tip of the probe onto a PCB track. the current flowing in the track can be observed and measured.



Observe and measure current in a PCB track

Make measurements via non-contact probing

Suitable for observation and measurement of current in
   component leads & ground planes as well as PCB tracks

Wide dynamic range of 10mA to 20A pk to pk

Wide bandwidth of DC to 5MHz

Low noise equivalent to <6mA rms at full bandwidth

Minimal disturbance to circuit conditions through very low
  insertion impedance and stray capacitance

Safety rated to 300V Cat II (600V Cat I)

Suitable for connection to any oscilloscope

High accuracy general purpose H-field probe

Convertible into ‘closed magnetic circuit’ current probe

Product Details
105-Max measure current (A) 20A
48-Rise Time (s) 70 ns (full bandwidth)
118-Output type (V/C) Voltage
151-Output signal +-10V max.
52-Cable Length 2m
117-Current measurement type (AC/DC) AC | DC
119-Safety Level CAT I | CAT II
120-Safety Overvoltage CAT II 300V
36-Additional Characteristics For scopes with 1MOhm input impedance
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 155x38x28 mm
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