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EMC near field probes set, up to 6GHz, SMB connectors

Beehive Electronics
Reference : BEE101A
Purchase Order Reference : 101A EMC Probe Set: 100A,B,C,D
Brand : Beehive Electronics
Kit de sondes de champs proches CEM/EMI.
Utilisables jusqu'à 6GHz.
- 1 sonde de champs magnétiques, bout boucle diam. 0.85"(21.59mm)
- 1 sonde de champs magnétiques, bout boucle diam. 0.4"(10.16mm)
- 1 sonde de champs magnétiques, bout boucle diam. 0.15"(3.81mm)
- 1 sonde de champs électriques, bout "pointe" diam. 0.08"(2.032mm)
Longueur de chaque sonde sans le connecteur: 6.35" (161.29 mm).
Epaisseur de chaque sonde: 0.11" (2.794mm).
Sortie sur connecteur RF SMB mâle, 50 Ohm.  

Câbles de liaison, adaptateurs et amplificateurs non fournis, voir les options et les produits associés.
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Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

101A EMC Probe Set

The 101A probe set contains one each of the 100A,B,C, and D probes.  The three loop probes are sensitive to magnetic fields.  They have different diameters, so that the user can select the optimal probe for the frequency of interest.  The 100D stub probe is sensitive to electric fields, and offers the best spatial resolution of all.

The probes use a push-on SMB connector rather than a screw-on connector; this helps prevents the attached cable from kinking when the probe is moved.

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
699-Antenna type EMI/EMC | H & E field
700-Active or passive antenna ? Passive
235-Frequency (max) 6 GHz
613-RF Connector SMB
132-Package includes 4 probes (1x 100A, 1x, 100B, 1x 100C, 1x 100C)
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