Chauvin-Arnoux | PEL105

Power/Energy logger, 5U/4I, display - with Ampflex current clamps

Reference : CARPEL105
Serie : PEL100, PEL103
Purchase Order Reference : P01157155
Brand : Chauvin-Arnoux
Livré avec 4 pinces de courant Ampflex (mesures AC uniquement) 200mA à 10kA AC, diam.140mm.
Conforme ISO 50001 & IEEE 1459  

  • Mesure des tensions jusqu'à 1000V 
  • 5U / 4I 
  • IP67 
  • Calcul des puissances W, var et VA 
  • Comptage des énergies (4 quadrants) 
  • Mesure de la fréquence et des facteurs de puissance, et taux d'harmoniques 
  • Enregistrement de l'ensemble des valeurs 
  • Pas d'acquisition de 200ms à 600s 
  • Large gamme de capteurs de courant 
  • Ecran rétro-éclairé 
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, Ethernet, carte SD 
  • Alimentation par la phase 
  • IEC 61010 1000 V CAT IV
    Quick quote for this product
    Quick quote for this product

    PEL105 - Power and Energy Logger


    The PEL100 Power and Energy Loggers are the ideal metering tools for electrical consumption analyses on today's networks. To improve energy efficiency according to ISO 50001. and meet mandatory audits. the PEL105 positioned on the different electric part of the installation. allow simply and without service interruption to size correctly each electrical line on overall consumption. define a load profile and determine the priorities for improvement. The fact that they are portable and use non- intrusive current sensors means they can be implemented without having to interrupt the industrial process. Featuring an IP67 protection. rugged. UV and extreme temperatures resistant. it is suitable for installation on pole mount for a short or long period. Autonomous. it has a self-feeding system with its input voltage up to 1000 V.



    5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs
    All-terrain shockproof casing resistant to UV light and high temperatures
    Ideal for mounting on electricity poles
    Self-powered by its voltage inputs up to 1.000 V
    Continuous recording at 200 ms intervals

    Measurements in compliance with IEEE 1459



    The PEL 105 logger is particularly simple to use with an all-terrain IP67 casing capable of withstanding shocks. UV rays and extreme temperatures. It is ideal for outdoor installation directly on an electricity pole
    With its 1.000 V CAT IV safety rating. it can be used for measurements on all LV networks. including measurements of the neutral-earth voltage and the neutral current. This stand-alone instrument is equipped with a selfpowering system via its voltage inputs up to 1.000 V. The PEL 105 offers 5 voltage inputs and 4 current inputs. Compatible with a large number of current sensors to make it easier to use. it also recognizes the sensors automatically.
    The PEL 105 can be used to measure. record and analyse the power values (W. var. VA) and energy values (kWh. kvarh. kVAh). At the same time. they record the PF and the DPF. Recording is continuous with a sampling interval of 200 ms.

    Product Details
    41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
    45-PC interface USB | Ethernet | Bluetooth | Wi-fi
    214-Max effective power (W) 10 GW
    624-Current inputs 4
    84-Nature of the network Single-phase | Three-phase | Balanced three-phase
    85-Power/energy type Active power (W) | Reactive power (VAR) | Apparent power (VA) | Active energy (Wh) | Reactive energy (VARh) | Apparent energy (VAh)
    87-AC/DC Max voltage (V) 1000 V AC/DC
    88-AC/DC Max current (A) Depends of probes (10kA AC with probes supplied)
    627-Memory capacity 8GB SD Card (extensible up to 32GB)
    637-Supply type auto supplied
    36-Additional Characteristics Compliance: ISO 50001 & IEEE 1459
    132-Package includes PEL105 logger with 5 x 3 m black silicone cables, straight banana / straight banana, 5 black 1000 V CAT IV crocodile clips, 1 set of inserts/rings, 4 AmpFLEX ® A196-450, 1 set of waterproof plugs, 1 SD card, 1 USB cable, 1 bag, 1 safety datasheet, a quick start-up guide and an operating manual on USB key
    35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 270x245x180 mm
    13-Net Weight <4 kg
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