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Power & Energy recorder 4ph, auto-power, 4 analog inputs - USB-Ethernet

Dent Instruments
Reference : DTIEliteProXC-N
Serie : DENTinst, ELITEpro, Elite Pro XC
Purchase Order Reference : EXC-EU-N-C
Brand : Dent Instruments
Le ELITEpro XC est idéal pour enregistrer les consommations d'énergie électrique, sans nécessiter l'ouverture des circuits. 

Dans le bâtiment ou l'industrie : audit énergétique, suivi des consommations par usage ou par équipement. 

- enregistrement de 4 circuits monophasés (jusqu'à 600VAC)
- enregistrement de 2 triphasé triangle ou 1 Y
- 50/60/400Hz
- Auto-alimenté (ou bloc secteur en option)
- 4 entrées analogiques 4-20mA ou 0-10V pour corréler consommations et conditions environnementales.
- pinces Crocodiles fournies pour la tension
- mémoire 16MB
- communication USB et Ethernet en standard
- Logiciel de configuration et analyse fourni 

Expédié sous 2 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product
the next generation of portable recording energy meter. by DENT INSTRUMENTS



  • Works on single or 3-phase loads on 0-600V (AC or DC) voltage services. Measures up to four channels of current from 0-6.000 amps (AC current only).
  • Line-powered – no need for batteries or external power source.
  • Four analog input channels which can be configured for voltage (0-10V) or current (0 or 4-20mA) input used in any combination.
  • User-selectable recording intervals as short as every 1 second.
  • 16MB non-volatile memory standard for up to months of recording time.
  • Better than 1% accuracy (<0.2% typical).
  • Fast USB and Ethernet (RJ45) connection.
  • Simple yet powerful Windows-based ELOG 13™ software package for setup. data retrieval. and analysis. Easy data exporting to almost any analysis program such as Excel® and Access®.
  • Easy setup and installs in minutes. Patented PhaseChek LED indicators ensure correct CT orientation at installation.
  • Rugged and compact—easily fi ts inside breaker panels and switch gear.
  • Optional Wifi or Bluetooth® communication


The ELITEpro XC uses various interchangeable CT options such as split-core. clamp-on. or flexible RoCoil™ current transformers. With the ELITEpro XC comes embedded Rogowski coil CT amplifi er/integrator circuitry—no need to provide external power to the CTs.
All DENT CTs are internally shunted for intrinsically safe operation on energized conductors. Special high-accuracy CTs are available for existing CT secondary monitoring.

The ELITEpro XC can monitor up to four single-phase loads. two three-phase (3-wire) Delta loads or one three-phase (4-wire) WYE load.

Features that were available on the ELITEpro SP continue to be standard on the XC.


 Type Current Ranges Picture
 Mini-Hinged0.25-40 A
 0.25-100 A
 Midi-Hinged1-200 A
1-300 A
 High accuracy 0.05-7.5 A
0.15-22.5 A
 Split Core 5-65 A
10-130 A
20-260 A
40-520 A
60-780 A
100-1200 A
 Clamp-on 2-150 A
10-600 A
10-1200 A
 ROCOIL 5-5000 A 

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Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 1 YEAR
638-PC connexion Wired/Physical
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet
624-Current inputs 4
84-Nature of the network Single-phase | Three-phase | Balanced three-phase
85-Power/energy type Active power (W) | Reactive power (VAR) | Apparent power (VA) | Active energy (Wh) | Reactive energy (VARh) | Apparent energy (VAh)
87-AC/DC Max voltage (V) 600V
88-AC/DC Max current (A) 6 kA
627-Memory capacity 16MB
628-Minimum recording interval 1 sec
637-Supply type main supply | auto supplied
36-Additional Characteristics Auto power supply by the live lines or power supplied by AC adapter in option
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes 5 pinces crocodiles et câbles, logiciel ELOG (en français), câble USB, manuel (en anglais), mallette de transport
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 216x63x47 mm
13-Net Weight 340 g
653-Windows compatible Yes
654-iOS compatible No
655-Android compatible No
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