Tektronix | P6139B

Passive voltage probe, 300V, 10:1, 500 MHz, 10MOhm, 8pF

Reference : TEKP6139B
Purchase Order Reference : P6139B
Brand : Tektronix
Sonde de tension passive.
Tension maximale d'entrée: 300V RMS.
Atténuation: 10:1.
Bande passante: 500 MHz.
Impédance d'entrée: 10 MOhm.
Capacité d'entrée: 8 pF.
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

Tektronix P6139B Passive Voltage Probe

This family of oscilloscope probes sets the standard for high performance passive voltage probes. Continued growth of the family paces Tektronix' new series of high performance bench top oscilloscopes. the TDS400/500/600/700/3000B/5000/7000 Series high performance portable oscilloscopes.
These probes feature modular construction. HYBRID/SMT circuitry. a smaller probe head/cable assembly than traditional passive probes. 10X attenuation readout encoding and a full complement of attachment accessories. Smaller probe tips and lightweight cable assemblies allow easy negotiation of dense circuitry or tight spaces.
The compact probe head/tip assembly is compatible with the full line of compact accessories. When the Subminiature/Compact-to-miniature probe tip adapter (013-0202-03) is installed over the probe head/tip. the P5050. P6138B and P6139B probes are fully compatible with all miniature tip accessories.


Small Geometry Tips - Easier Circuit Access
Readout for 10X Attenuation Factor - Reduces Confusion and Errors in Measurement Readings
Flexible Lightweight Cable - Easier to Use and Reduces Mechanical Stress to Device Under Test
HYBRID/SMT Circuitry - Provides Improved Performance and Reliability
Modularity - Provides Lower Cost of Ownership
Compact Size Accessories - Provides Compatibility with Existing Adapters
UL3111-2-031. CSA1010.2.032. EN61010-2-031

Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 MONTHES
14-Bandwidth (Hz) 500 MHz
17-Input capacitance (pF) 8 pF
342-Compensation range (F) 8 to 12 pF
650-Connector type BNC with ReadOut
16-Maximum input Voltage (V) 300 V RMS
48-Rise Time (s) 0.7 ns
15-Input Impedance (Ohm) 10 MOhm
12-Probe Attenuation (X) 10X
52-Cable Length 1.3 m
36-Additional Characteristics Readout for 10X Attenuation Factor
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