Teledyne Lecroy | WS3074

Digital oscilloscope, 4 channels, 750MHz, 4GS/s, 10MPts, 10.1" touch-screen

Teledyne Lecroy
Reference : LECWS3074
Serie : WS3000, MAUI
Purchase Order Reference : WaveSurfer 3074
Brand : Teledyne Lecroy
Oscilloscope numérique.
Nombre de voies: 4.
Bande passante: 750 MHz.
Echantillonnage: 4GEch/s (1 voie); 2GEch/s (2-4 voies).
Profondeur mémoire: 10 MPts.
Analyse logique (Option): 500MEch/s, 125 MHz, 10 MPts.
Décodage de bus série (option): I2C, SPI, RS-232, UART, etc...
Générateur de fonction intégré (Option): 1 voie 25MHz (Sinus), 10MHz (carré)....., 125MEch/s, 14 bits.
Ecran couleur tactile 10.1".
Interface utilisateur commune MAUI.
Fonctions histogrammes, statistiques, etc....
Expédié sous 3 semaines
Quick quote for this product
Quick quote for this product

WaveSurfer 3000 Oscilloscopes

WaveSurfer 3000 oscilloscopes feature the MAUI advanced user interface with touch screen simplicity to shorten debug time. Quickly identify and isolate anomalies with WaveScan. Fast Display. and History mode for faster troubleshooting; LabNotebook enables easy documentation and convenient collaboration. The advanced probe interface. upgradable bandwidth and multi-instrument capabilities provide maximum versatility and investment protection.


Multi-Instrument Capabilities
– Protocol Analysis - Serial Trigger and Decode
– Waveform Generation - Built-in Function Generator
– Logic Analysis - 16 Channel MSO


MAUI - Advanced User Interface
– Designed for Touch
– Built to Simplify
– Made to Solve


Advanced Anomaly Detection
– Fast Waveform Update
– History Mode
– WaveScan


Superior Toolset
– LabNotebook
– Sequence Mode
– Advanced Active Probe Interface
– Math and Measure


Future Proof
– Upgradeable Bandwidth
– Field Upgradable Software and
Hardware Options

Fast Waveform Update
A fast update rate ensures that no waveform variations or details are missed. With an update rate of up to 130.000 waveforms per second the WaveSurfer 3000 is able to easily display random or infrequent events simplifying anomaly detection. identification and debug. Rapidly changing waveforms are easy to see and visually inspect. Changes over time can be seen with the intensity graded persistence display.


History Mode Waveform Playback
Scroll back in time using History Mode to view previous waveforms and isolate anomalies. Use cursors and measurement
parameters to quickly find the source of problems. History mode is always available with a single button press. no need to
enable this mode and never miss a waveform.

MAUI - A New Wave of Thinking
MAUI is an advanced oscilloscope user interface.
Designed for touch: All important oscilloscope controls are accessed through the intuitive touch screen.
Made for simplicity: Time saving shortcuts and intuitive dialogs simplify setup.
Built to solve: Deep set of debug and analysis tools help identify problems and find solutions quickly.

Analog Channels - VerticalWaveSurfer 3022WaveSurfer 3024WaveSurfer 3034WaveSurfer 3054WaveSurfer 3074
Analog Bandwidth200 MHz200 MHz350 MHz500 MHz750 MHz
Rise Time (typical)1.75 ns1.75 ns1 ns800 ps550 ps
Input Channels24444
Vertical Resolution8 Bits; up to 11 Bits with Enhanced Resolution (ERES)
Vertical Sensitivity1 mV/div - 10 V/div (1 MΩ); 1 mV/div - 1 V/div (50 Ω)
Max Input Voltage50 Ω: 5 Vrms; 1 MΩ: 400 V max (DC + Peak AC ≤ 10 kHz)
Input Coupling50 Ω: DC. GND; 1 MΩ: AC. DC. GND
Input Impedance50 Ω ±2.0%. 1 MΩ ±2.0% || 16 pF
Analog Channels - Acquisition    
Sample Rate Per Channel2 GS/s (4 GS/s Interleaved)
Acquisition Memory10 Mpts/Ch (10 Mpts/Ch Interleaved)
Capture Time 
Acquisition ModesReal Time. Roll. RIS (Random Interleave Sampling). Sequence (Segmented Memory Up to 1'000 segments with 1 µs intersegment time)
Time Base Range    
Digital Channels - Vertical    
Input Channels16
Digital Channels - Acquisition    
Sample Rate Per Channel500 MS/s
Memory10 MPts/Ch
Minimum Detectable Pulse Width4 ns
Bandwidth125 MHz
Trigger System    
Trigger ModesAuto. Normal. Single. Stop
Trigger SourceAny Input Channel. External. Ext/5. or Line; Slope and Level Unique to Each Source (Except for Line Trigger)
Trigger CouplingDC. AC. HFREJ. LFREJ
Trigger Types Edge. Glitch. Width. Logic (Pattern). TV (NTSC. PAL. SECAM. HDTV–720p. 1080i. 1080p). Runt. Slew Rate. Interval
Probes1x PP019 (5mm) per channel1x PP020 (5mm) per channel
Probing InterfaceBNC and Teledyne LeCroy ProBus for Active Voltage. Current and Differential Probes
CalibrationCommercial NIST Traceable Calibration with Certificate
Certificate of CalibrationYes
Display10.1" Wide TFT-LCD Touch Screen. Display Resolution 1024x600 (WSVGA)
FunctionMath Functions Include Sum. Difference. Product. Ratio. Absolute Value. Averaging (summed and continuous). Derivative. Envelope. Enhanced Resolution (to 11 Bits). Floor. Integral. Invert. Reciprocal. Rescale (change scale and units). Roof. SinX / X. Square. Square Root. Trend. Zoom and FFT (up to 1 Mpts with power spectrum and magnitude outputs and rectangular. VonHann. FlatTop. Hamming and Blackman Harris windows). 2 single operator math functions may be defined at a time.
Includes÷10 Passive Probe (Total of 1 Per Channel). Getting Started Guide. Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7. Commercial NIST Traceable Calibration with Certificate. Power Cable for the Destination Country. 3-year Warranty
Warranty3 Years
ZoomUse Front Panel QuickZoom Button. or Use Touch Screen or Mouse to Draw a Box Around the Zoom Area.
Display Type Color
CAN Trigger & DecoderNo (to Be Added)
I2C Trigger & DecoderYes
Lin Trigger & DecoderNo (to Be Added)
SPI Trigger & DecoderYes
RS-232 Trigger & DecoderYes
UART Trigger & DecoderYes
Maximum Operating Temperature +50°C
Minimum Operating Temperature +0°C
Product Dimensions (WxHxD)350mm x 220 mm x 145 mm
Power Source Mains
Product Details
41-Standard Manufacturer Warranty 3 YEARS
3-Number of analog channels 4 Channels
693-Powered on battery No
695-RF dedicated channel No
45-PC interface USB | Ethernet
4-Bandwidth (Hz) 750 MHz
10-Min. Vertical Sensitivity (mV/div) 1 mV
11-Max. Vertical Sensitivity (V/div) 10 V
42-Logic channels (Nbr) 16 (option)
98-Trigger (Type) Edge | Logic/Pattern | Video | Glitch | Front | Interval
5-Sampling rate (S/s) 4 Gsps (1 ch); 2 Gsps (2-4 ch)
7-Vertical Resolution (Bits) 8 Bits
338-MSO/logic analysis (Y/N) Yes
696-Bus decoding Option
6-Record Length (pts) 10 Mpts
18-Signal processing (FFT) Yes
26-Mathematic functions (Y/N) Yes
88-Display 10.1" touch-screen LCD TFT color display
36-Additional Characteristics Function generator 25MHz max, 14 bits, in option (WS3K-FG)16 channels logic probe in option (WS3K-MSO)
542-Metrology/Quality documentation supplied Calibration certificate (With measures table)
132-Package includes 500MHz x10 passive probe (1 per channel), Micro SD card with adapter, front panel cover, power cord, NIST traceable calibration certificate, getting started guide
35-Dimension (HxWxD) (mm) 220x350x145 mm
13-Net Weight 4.81 kg
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